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The North Shore committee of HUB Cycling is dedicated to enhancing the safety and feasibility of using bicycles for transportation in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Bowen Island and Lions Bay. This includes commuting to work and school, shopping, personal trips and any other short to medium length journeys.

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About HUB on the North Shore


  • 3 Priority bike routes
HUB NS 3 top priority bikeways
    • Get the municipalities to complete 3 Safe and attractive Bikeways as a 1st step in building a full network.
      • Maine to Marine - Dundarave to Maplewood
      • Creek to Peak - 2nd Narrows (Lynn Creek) to Lynn Valley TC (and eventually to top of Mtn Hwy)
      • Harbour to Headwaters - Lower Lonsdale to Lynn Valley TC (and eventually to Headwaters park)
    • Enhanced Communication to get more people cycling more often

Current status of HUB NS's Top Priority bikeways

How to participate

Participating in HUB on the North Shore is as simple as joining us at our monthly Meetings, volunteering at Bike to Work Week stations, or joining us at various community events. Most importantly, get on your bike and ride!

You can also participate by joining our free email list:
Or following us on Twitter: @HUBnorthshore
Or on Facebook:

Committee Organization and Roles

HUB North Shore's committee has Liaison teams to each of the 3 municipalities, MoTI and other external organizations. We also have sub-committees for communications and Events (such as bike to work week). More details on the Committee Organization and Roles

Meeting agendas and minutes

HUB North Shore meets at 6:30pm on the first Thursday of every month.

We meet at the North Vancouver City Library on the 2nd floor meeting room. --> Our meetings are open to all, so please join us at the next one. You can join our Online Video Call or call in on your phone. For the next meeting date, call details and agenda, as well as for information on past meetings, please refer to the Meetings page.

If you have any questions or comments that are not answered on this site please send email to

HUB North Shore Letters & Documents

The North Shore Committee's communication with local governments, the province and other organizations is archived here.

Letters to governments

Presentations to governments

Other letters and presentations

Current Public Consultations

Previous Public Consultations - now closed

In the News

Read about HUB North Shore on our In the News page.

Who to contact for street maintenance

City of North Vancouver

  • Check City map whether street is City or District
    • Email:
    • Phone: 604 983 7333
    • App: CNV CityFix

Notes from Meetings with City of North Vancouver Staff

District of North Vancouver

  • Check City map whether street is City or District
    • Report a Problem with DNV's award winning app:
    • Email:
    • Phone: 604 990 2450
    • The District of North Vancouver is also responsible for maintaining paths and sidewalks in MoTI jurisdiction, including Mount Seymour Parkway bike path, ramp between Fern St and Orwell St

District of West Vancouver

  • Phone: 604 925 7100 (24 hours)
    • Path from Curling Rd through Klahanie Park and under Marine Drive to Lions Gate Bridge sidewalk is maintained by West Vancouver
    • Welch Street and the Spirit Trail through the Squamish Capilano Reserve are maintained by West Vancouver

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI)

  • Miller Capilano Highway Services Ltd carries out maintenance for MoTI
    • Phone: 1-866-918-1010 (24 hours)
    • Email:
    • Miller Capilano's responsibility includes:
      • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge (IWMB) and Lions Gate Bridge (LGB) sidewalks
      • Main St on-ramp sidewalk to IWMB
      • Dollarton off-ramp sidewalk from IWMB
      • Switchback path from IWMB to Skeena St/Vancouver
      • Path from IWMB to Fellowes St/Vancouver
      • Marine Dr on-ramp sidewalk to LGB
      • Stanley Park Causeway sidewalks
      • Upper Levels Highway
      • Separated path along south side of highway in Pemberton Heights (Pemberton Ave to Westview exit)
      • They are NOT RESPONSIBLE for path behind barriers on north side of highway west of Capilano River bridge (West Van); path around Lions Gate Bridge cloverleaf (West Van); any other bike paths and sidewalks along MoTI roads EXCEPT the bridges, bridge ramps and the causeway; all other paths and sidewalks are municipal responsibility

City of Vancouver

  • Phone: 311
    • App: VanConnect
    • Vancouver is responsible for maintaining the Cassiar Bikeway to Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, the path from the Cassiar Bikeway to N Skeena St, the N Skeena St sidewalk through the tunnel, and for vegetation trimming along the Stanley Park Causeway

Who to Contact for Cars Parked in Bike lanes

  • Check City map whether street is City or District
  • Take a photo of the vehicle parked in the bike lane
    • Make sure it shows the licence clearly and that no-one is in the vehicle's drivers seat.
    • It should show the vehicle in the bike lane and some surroundings to help confirm the location

City of North Vancouver

  • Email the photo(s) to
    • Include the data and time, the location
      • The van was parked in the eastbound bike-lane in the 300 block of 44th St at 15:52 today.
  • You may be asked if you are willing to provide to provide a statement in case the ticket is contested.
    • I have not had to provide one yet, but keep the photo(s) just in case.


North Shore bike map

The pdf version of the August 2020 edition is available for download on the HUB website . Hard copies of the pocket folding map are available at Libraries, Municipal Halls and at our Meetings & Events.

Routes & short cuts

Our Routes and Short Cuts page lists a few routes commonly used by to get around the North Shore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to riding the streets of the North Shore? Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions page for information and tips about riding in our beautiful area.

Governments & other official entities

The development of policy and infrastructure for cycling on the North Shore usually involves the cooperation of several governments and agencies. For more information please refer to our Governments and Other Official Entities page.

Bike Friendly Business

The following list provides links to research and data on the economic impact of cycling, especially on retail. For business resources and support in Metro Vancouver, please visit HUB's Bike Friendly Business Program.


Economy overall

Cost-benefit analyses

Other resources

Here you will find links to various online resources that contain useful information about cycling rules, etiquette and the development of improved cycling facilities.

Wiki access

This wiki is read-only to all users. To modify pages, please request an account by emailing