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Public input is critical when Council and Staff make trade-offs and decisions.
Please make sure your voice is heard!!

The Section titles below are linked to the surveys.

Main Street - west of 2nd Narrows bridge

  • Main St westbound from Harbour Ave to Lynn Creek Bridge (CNV boundary). South of Canadian Tire mall.
  • Survey now open until May 29th (5 mins, 4 pages with mostly multiple choice)
    • Closing a critical gap on one of HUB North Shore's 3 top priority routes
    • The proposed solutions seems reasonable. We need the Short-term solution ASAP and Long-term when possible.
  • Some things you may want to comment on:
    • In the long term the bikelanes on Main Street should be connected to the bike lanes on lower Mountain Highway, and extended on to Phibbs Exchange/Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (avoiding the detour on Barrow).
    • The bikelanes should be 2m wide where possible to allow passing.
    • Consider a raised crossing for both the crosswalks and bikelane at the Mall entrance and Lynn Rd
    • Improve Barrows St as well, as part of the short term fix.

Stanley Park Mobility Survey

  • Survey is open until June 1st (~? mins, ? pages with mostly multiple choice)
    • Stanley Park, and especially the causeway, provides a key connection between North Shore and the rest of Vancouver
  • Some things you may want to comment on:
    • TBD

Upper Lynn Valley Road, Phase 2

  • Lynn Valley Road from Peters Rd to Dempsey (End-of-line Cafe)
  • Survey is open until June 6th (~10 mins, 4 pages with mostly multiple choice)
    • Open House: Thursday, May 26, 3:30pm - 7:30pm, Karen Magnussen Community Recreation Centre, Eagle Room
  • Some things you may want to comment on:
    • To achieve the District's goals of increase use of Active transportation in this corridor, the route must provide a safe and desirable option for people to get to their destination (shop, school, work, recreation)
    • Prioritize safety and options for active transportation over storage of private vehicles
  • Upper Lynn Valley Rd Phase 1 from Mtn Hwy to Peters will be built this summer.

The Shipyards Strategy

  • Survey is now open until August 31st 4pm (it’s quick ~ 5 minutes. 1 open ended, rest are multiple choice/checkboxes).
  • ‘What could we do better?’. A few cycling related responses:
    • More bike parking
    • Better/clearer bike routes (wayfinding signage with destinations, pavement markings)
    • Separation of walking & cycling
    • Slower car speeds in the surrounding areas
    • Bike valet at events