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These Public Consultations are now closed.

Kirkstone Park to Salop Trail cycling route

  • DNV's part of the Lynn Valley Town Centre to Lynn Creek Town Centre Cycling Route, one of HUB NS's 3 top priority routes
  • Survey now open until May 24th (~7min, 5 pages with a mix of multiple choice and text boxes)
  • Some things you may want to comment on:
    • Kirkstone Park MUP:
      • In busy areas multi-use paths are uncomfortable for both people walking and on bikes. Separated paths are best, but if shared, the path should be 4+m wide with a line down the middle.
      • additional lighting, during winter months when days are short, this can make people feel safer after sunset biking through the park. Also trim back bushes.
    • Rufus:
      • The crossing at Kirkstone Rd needs to have crossing buttons/detectors for people on bikes and green cross-rides for the transition between MUP and Rufus St.
    • Salop Trail MUP:
      • Concept 1 is too steep and expensive vs #2
      • Concept 2 has lots of tight corners so where possible the path needs to be at least 4m wide.
        • I suspect that many walkers and some cyclist will want a more direct route in the upper switchbacks, and will likely create one in the landscaping. Thus providing this alternative on the top 3rd, might be wise if the cost is not excessive.
      • Concept 3 is too steep and this will be a huge deterrent to people wanting to cycle up this section.
    • There is also a need for a route up to Lynn Valley on the east side of the highway.
      • The current designated bike routes (Mtn highway & Arborlynn) are too busy and steep.
      • A route on Arborlynn-Alpin-Alderlynn-20th-Viewlynn-27th is quieter and would only require protected bikelanes on the 1 block uphill section of 20th. It will need good wayfinding signage/markings as it is winding and non-obvious.

Upper Levels Greenway

  • Survey closes May 20 4pm (10+minutes, 7 pages of questions)
  • Some think you may want to comment on:
    • Design approaches: multi-use pathway, wide sidewalk & protected bicycle lane, wide sidewalk & local street bikeway, natural surface pathway
      • The "Design Approach" Safety questions are too limited as they only only consider vehicular risk.
      • Multi-use paths only work well with very low traffic levels. Generally people walking do not like cyclists passing close by, and people on bikes not not like to have to weave and dodge pedestrians. This also applies to "natural surface" routes unless they are over 4m wide.
    • Orange Route: Westview Dr near Queens, crosses Lonsdale at 27th, north of Tempe Park
      • Provides a direct connection across upper North Van that is comfortable for all, even after dark. (ie coming home in winter time)
      • connection to Delbrook Rec Centre, William Griffin Park & Edgemont Village
      • Seems to have the most elevation gain.
    • Blue Route: Westview Shopping Centre, crosses Lonsdale at 26th, though top of Tempe Park
      • Provides a connection to Westview Shopping Centre, may have slightly less elevation gain than Orange
      • What is the plan for lighting and residential visibility though the park areas? It must be comfortable for all users on winter evenings.
    • Purple Route: Westview Shopping Centre, 25th, crosses Lonsdale at 25th, just north of highway though South part of Tempe Park.
      • It is the flattest route. During the day the eastern end could be a nice route though a park if it is wide and safe enough.
      • The path thought Tempe Glen Park will not be Comfortable for All in the evening (after dusk).
      • The blocks of 25th east & west of Lonsdale are one-way Hwy 1 on/off-ramps with very high traffic levels.
    • Overall:
      • West end needs to Y so as to provide connection to both Westview shopping Centre/Larson School and Delbrook RC/Edgemont Village.
      • At the east end, if the Purple route is chosen then, there should also to be Comfortable for Most option for evenings (Tempe Knoll Dr + improved path up to Tempe Cres).

Planning the Upper Lands

  • Survey closes May 20
  • Creating a sustainable urban community in Cypress Village and protecting lands in Eagleridge