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2024-May-20: To Coquitlam regarding the City's Traffic Calming Policy Media:Letter_to_Coquitlam_re_Traffic_Calming_Policy.pdf

2024-April-22: To Port Moody regarding the Guildford Greenway extension Media:April_2024_Port_Moody_Guildford_letter.pdf

2024-January-30: To Coquitlam regarding the Guildford Greenway, Phase 2 Media:HUB_Letter_Coquitlam_re_Guildford_Greenway.pdf

2023-May-10: To Metro Vancouver regarding accessibility at təmtəmíxʷtən/Belcarra Regional Park and Village of Belcarra [[1]]

2023-May-29: To Port Coquitlam regarding conditions at Ecole Irvine Elementary Media:HUB_Letter_-_Ecole_Irvine_Elementary.pdf

2023-March-9: To Port Moody regarding protected bike lanes on Guildford Way and Clarke Street Media:HUB_Letter_-_Guildford_&_Clarke_Port_Moody.pdf

2023-February-28: To Coquitlam regarding United Boulevard Media:HUB_United_Boulevard_Inquiry.pdf

2023-January-7: To Coquitlam regarding the Oakdale Transportation Plan Media:Tri-Cities_Letter_re_Oakdale_Transportation_Network_Update.pdf

2022-May-10: To Metro Vancouver regarding our recommendations for new greenways and connections to regional parks Media:HUB_Letter_-_Metro_Vancouver_Parks_Plan.pdf

2022-April-27: To Coquitlam asking for the end of slip lanes at David and Pipeline as well as asking for the MUP to be completed Media:HUB_Letter_to_Coquitlam_-_David_and_Pipeline.pdf

2022-April-1: To Coast Mountain Bus Company asking transit operators to act more cautiously when operating near people biking Media:HUB_Letter_-_Coast_Mountain_Bus_Company.docx.pdf

2022-March-7: To Port Moody regarding the St. Johns Street multi-use path and our wish to see Clarke Street protected bike lanes Media:HUB_Letter_for_St._Johns_MUP.pdf

2022-March-4: To Port Coquitlam regarding downtown changes for the Crosstown Connector Media:HUB_Letter_to_PoCo_-_Crosstown_Connector.pdf

2022-February-2: To Port Moody asking for protected bike lanes on Guildford Way and Clarke Street using quick-build materials following Transport 2050's approval Media:HUB_Letter_to_Port_Moody_Transport_2050.docx.pdf

2022-January-10: To Coquitlam asking for high-quality bike parking in the new Northeast Community Centre Media:HUB_Letter_for_NECC.pdf

2022-January-9: To Port Coquitlam regarding recommendations for cycling infrastructure for the Fremont Connector Media:Fremont_Connector_Connector_letter_for_PoCo.pdf

2021-October-14: To Coquitlam regarding pavement markings, signage, or other ways of demonstrating the Clarke Road path under the SkyTrain guideway is mixed use Media:HUB_Letter_regarding_Burquitlam_mixed_use_plaza.pdf

2021-October-7: To Port Moody regarding further separation of pedestrians and cyclists along Murray Street Media:HUB_Letter_for_Murray_Street_Separation.pdf

2021-October-7: To Port Moody regarding a possible extension of the Guildford Greenway from the Coquitlam border to Murray Street Media:Guildford_Greenway_Extension_Letter.pdf

2021-October-7: To Coquitlam regarding our request for improved construction policies regarding closures of bike lanes and bike infrastructure Media:HUB_Letter_for_Coquitlam_Construction_procedures.docx.pdf

2021-October-6: To Coquitlam regarding our request for improved pedestrian and cyclist separation along Pinetree Way as well as improved signage Media:HUB_letter_for_Pinetree_Way_Separation Wayfinding.pdf

2021-August-26: To Metro Vancouver regarding Garden (should be Home Farm) Trail and Mundy Creek Trail closures Media:HUB_Letter_for_Mundy_Creek_and_Garden_Trails.docx.pdf

2021-July-20: To MOTI regarding our request for a protected route along the Mary Hill Bypass between Argue Street and the Port Mann Bridge Media:Mary_Hill_Bypass_letter.pdf‎

2021-June-11: To the City of Coquitlam regarding our support for the new bike parking minimums Media:HUB_Letter_Coquitlam_bike_parking_minimums.docx.pdf‎

2021-June-8: To the City of Coquitlam requesting a safe route through Colony Farm between Lougheed Highway and the Port Mann Bridge Media:Colony_Farm_letter_2021-06-08_(003).pdf

2020-December-19: To Aaron Dixon (Coquitlam) regarding our support for a right turning lane on United at King Ed Media:To_Coquitlam_United_Dec_2020.pdf

2020-December-19: To Aaron Dixon (Coquitlam) regarding our support for Barnet Highway improvements Media:To_Coquitlam_Barnet_Dec_2020.pdf

2020-December-19: To Aaron Dixon (Coquitlam) regarding our support for Gatensbury road improvements from Port Moody to Como Lake Media:To_Coquitlam_Gatensbury_Dec_2020.pdf

2020-December-19: To Aaron Dixon (Coquitlam) regarding our support for separated lanes on Guildford Way Media:To_Coquitlam_Guildford_Dec_2020.pdf

2019-October-29: To Canisius Chan regarding the need for a separated bike route on United Blvd Media:HUB_Cycling_letter_to_Coquitlam_re_CVG_Extension_October_29_2019_V4.pdf

2018-May-22: To Ken Krueger (Coquitlam) regarding our support of the Como Creek Bridge projectMedia:Letter_to_Coquitlam_May_2018.pdf

2018-Jan-22: Letter to Mark Halpin (Port Moody) regarding his presentation to our group in November 2017 Media:Letter_to_Mark_Halpin,_January_2018.pdf‎

2018-Jan-22: Letter to Ken Krueger (Coquitlam) regarding his and Canisius Chan's presentation to our group in December 2017 Media:Ken_Krueger_Letter_January_2018.docx

2018-Jan-06: Letter of support to Coquitlam regarding Hillcrest/ Como Lake cycling improvements Media:Hillcrest_Como_lake_Hub_support_letter.docx‎

2018-Jan-06: Letter of support to Coquitlam regarding Sharpe St. cycling improvements Media:Sharpe_st_letter_of_support_Nov_2017.pdf‎

2016-Dec-28: to Port Coquitlam regarding 2016-2018 cycling improvements Media:PoCo_letter_dec_28_2016.pdf‎

2016-Dec-27: To Port Moody regarding Master Transportation Plan Media:2016-27-december-letter-to-mark-halpin.pdf

2016-Feb-06: Letter to BC housing re Renewing Riverview Media:2016-02-06Riverview-Statement.pdf

2016-Feb-01: Letter to Port Moody re Clarke street MUP Media:2016-02-01Port-Moody-MUP.pdf

2016-Jan-11: Followup letter to Ashok Bhatti, District Manager, Lower Mainland, MOTI Media:Response_to_MOTI_-_11_Jan_2016.pdf

2015-Aug-11: Letter to Ashok Bhatti, District Manager, Lower Mainland, MOTI Media:2015-08-11 PMB Deficiencies MOTI.pdf

2014-Jan-12: Letter to Deborah Tan of MOTI regarding Pitt River BridgeMedia:letter-to-MOTI-jan2014.pdf

2014-Jan-25: To Port Coquitlam in support of speed limit reductions on Shaughnessy Media:25jan14.pdf

2014-Feb-12: To Metro Vancouver in support of reopening the Sheep Paddocks trail Media:HUB_Submission_re_Sheep_Paddocks_Trail.pdf

2014-Feb-14: To Port Coquitlam in support of the Kingsway MUP Media:Kingsway_letter_HUB-feb-2014.pdf

2014-Aug-27: To Coquitlam in support of Johnson Avenue MUP Media:2014-08-27-coquitlam-johnson-MUP2-final.pdf

2013-Dec-23: To Coquitlam in support of Glen Drive cycling upgrades Media:glen-drive-10dec13.pdf