Meeting Summary: Jan 11, 2018

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  • Introductions:Don, Neil, David Diebolt, Giacomo, Fiona, Paul, Peter S (chair), Peter T, Fred, Erica
  • Events: There are no events anticipated before the spring so a 2018 events list has not yet been prepared.
  • Future of HUB NS - Yahoo Group - move to Google?
    • There was confusion about this item and also about emails directed to and HUB-NS Yahoogroups < so HUB HQ will be contacted to clarify.
  • Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project File:Integrated North Shore Tranporation Planning Project 18jan08-6.1.pdf
    • This initiative by MLA Bowinn Ma was welcomed and it was hoped that it would lead to improved cycling infrastructure on the North Shore.
    • It was noted that the other North Shore MLAs were not copied on the invitation to Mayor Smith.
    • Fiona agreed to contact Bowinn Ma and draft a HUB letter to her thanking her for this initiative and offering our expertise with regard to improving cycling infrastructure on the North Shore.
    • Both Bowinn Ma and Mayor Smith from West Vancouver were interviewed on this proposed project on CBC radio in the afternoon of 9 January at 37 minutes into the program at:
    • Mayor Smith said the following in the interview: "driving through Vancouver now is a choke point with all of these bike lanes". This statement implies that bike lanes are part of the problem whereas we feel that they are part of the solution.
    • Peter offered to write to the mayor to express our concerns about his statement. It was suggested that he refer to statistics that show the positive impact of bike lanes in Vancouver.
  • Motor Vehicle Act
    • David Diebolt who came to our meeting for the first time wanted to know what HUB-NS does in general and more specifically about needed changes to the BC Motor Vehicle Act.
    • David was told to go the HUB website ( where there is a link to "Modernizing the BC Motor Vehicle Act" a June 1, 2016 Position Paper of the Road Safety Law Reform Group of British Columbia which is endorsed by HUB Cycling, The British Columbia Cycling Coalition and the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia.

District of North Vancouver

  • October 2nd - presentation to council - 2018 repaving list / budget spend - Tony to write letter: Tony was absent to address this item.
  • Pilot bike lane on Highland Blvd / Queens - Follow Up
    • Highland Blvd has been reconfigured to allow one lane of vehicle traffic in each direction, and a northbound bike lane.
    • This pilot lane is the first piece of what will eventually be a permanent bike lane along the entire length of Highland Blvd.
  • Maplewood Plan
    • At a regular Meeting of Council of Monday November 6, Council voted to approve the draft Maplewood Village Centre and Innovation District Implementation Plan & Design Guidelines.
    • We have been consulted in the development of the plan and here is an excerpt from the plan about cycling facilities:
      • Implement a range of cycling facility types, including neighbourhood bikeways and urban trails to provide a well-connected network throughout Maplewood Village Centre and Maplewood North Innovation District.
      • Require a separation for cyclists from vehicle travel lanes where vehicle volumes are higher and/or speeds are higher, where feasible.
      • Prioritize cycle tracks along Mount Seymour Parkway, Riverside Drive, Old Dollarton Road, Dollarton Highway and Berkley Road, where feasible.
      • Make use of neighbourhood bikeways on lower volume streets such as Seymour River Place, Forester Street, and Front Street.
      • Provide cyclists of all ages and abilities with slower east-west routes including the urban trail that connects from the lookout over the Seymour River to Canlan Ice Sports Arena or the Spirit Trail.
  • Statistics from IWMB: The results of bicycle traffic counters on the bridge are here at:
  • Letter to S. Ono re: Eastbound curb lane on Marine Drive at Capilano Road right turns and follow up: HUB letter was sent on 22 October 2017 ( but not aware of any response.

District of West Vancouver

  • Wardance Bridge update
    • On 4 December Tony, Paul and Peter delivered a joint presentation in support of the staff recommendation to provide $700,000 as the District's matching contribution to that of Park Royal's to proceed with widening the sidewalk on the south side of the bridge.
    • Here are the conditions of HUB-NS support as presented at the council meeting:
      • “HUB North Shore would support the recommendation of staff provided that Park Royal would give consideration to increasing the width of the proposed widened sidewalk and implement some measures to improve the safety of cyclists at the following locations:
      • crossing the road east of the bridge;
      • riding in the traffic lanes on the bridge; and
      • for westbound cyclists, getting back onto the Spirit Trail from the 4-way stop intersection at Taylor Way.
      • In this regard, we are pleased that Park Royal has indicated a willingness to work with HUB on these matters if DWV approves the funding.”
    • Here is a copy of the letter sent to the CAO requesting that HUB be consulted in designing the improvements to the bridge: File:2017-12-13 email to Ms Leemhuis.pdf
    • In her response, the CAO said that Director of Transportation and Engineering, Ray Fung, would be in contact with us concerning consultations.
    • This week, Paul Stott contacted Rick Amantea from Park Royal who said they are ready to go and hope to have the construction project on the bridge under way by this spring.

City of North Vancouver

  • Letter / Jan 15th Council Meeting support for crosswalk usage clarification [1]
    • HUB north shore members are encouraged to attend the council meeting in support of the bylaw amendment.
  • Bike BC Survey discussion with D. Pope / Esplanade and Lonsdale intersection: Tony absent to address this item.
  • "Construction Guidelines for Bike Lane Closures” to assist in ensuring bike safety when bike lanes are closed due to construction, and we anticipate them being completed in fall.
    • No further follow up on this item.
  • New gap: two blocks of 16th Street West, in North Vancouver, between Marine Drive and Fell Ave.
    • We looked at this location on Google Maps and agreed that an improvement is needed for cyclists in this section of roadway and it is included in the Bike Masterplan.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Lower Lynn Interchanges project update.
    • We were reminded to confirm that HUB representatives are available to attend this ACDI Committee meeting next week to review the proposed Keith/Brooksbank protected intersection.
    • We were also reminded that Doug Hyde, Project Manager with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, responsible for the design and construction of the Phibbs Transit Exchange Improvement Project would like to have HUB input and will arrange for a time to review the design with us.

HUB Structure and Sub-Committee Focus Other Letters or Actions Required

  • Spirit Trail baffles at Pemberton and Welch – need a video of a family with a bike trailer.
  • 2012 Bike Masterplan Updates: 3rd Street / 2nd Street / Mahon