2024-02-01 Agenda

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HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Everybody is welcome.

In-person at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

Or Online, using Google Meets: https://meet.google.com/myr-xmnd-iob

or by Phone: +1 587-977-8033‬ PIN: ‪290 663 905‬#


  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions

Public Input/Consultations

  • Public input is critical when Council and Staff make trade-offs and decisions. Please make sure your voice is heard!!
    • are there any active ones?????

Goals & Objectives


  • Need a coordinator/organizer for events
  • Spring Go By Bike Week, June 3-9, 2024.
  • Cargo Bike race - June?

City of North Vancouver - Don(temporary)

  • Meeting with Staff
    • Met with Brendon Jan 26th
    • 2024 budget
    • Next meeting late Feb, early March
  • Casano-Loutet Overpass
    • Still waiting for MoTI, hope to start this spring.
  • 3rd St/Cotton/Lower Level Rd
    • Signal will be reprogrammed per HUB's suggestion.
    • They will look into extending bike lane protection for intersection up to Neptune terminal intersection.
  • Midtown Connector - HUB top priority
    • Currently stalled. Hope to restart this summer.
    • Requested that we be able to provide input on requirements.
      • Central Lonsdale is a Destination, not just a busy road to cross.
  • Chesterfield - North-South route
    • Currently planned after Midtown and Upper levels greenway.
    • Stated this is a HUB Top priority.
      • Also needs to be coordinated with Midtown.
  • Upper Levels Greenway
    • discussions underway with MOTI to ensure they are on board with the proposed changes as 25th is currently the proposed route. Big issue is crossing Lonsdale @ 25th. Will take some time. Next public engagement late in 2024?
    • Also discussing Hwy1 crossing with MoTI
      • Short term: improvements on Lonsdale overpass
      • Long term: proposed new crossing at St Georges
  • St. Andrew's
    • Staff's recommendation approved. Expect to build it this spring dependant on weather.

ITC - Dana & Jonathan

  • When is the next meeting??

First Nations - Kira

District of North Vancouver - Duncan/Stephen/Stewart

  • 1. Projects/sections Expected completed in Next 4-6 months
    • Main Street North Side
    • Mt. Seymour Pkwy: (MSP) improvements Superstore to Parkgate
    • Mtn Hwy - Hwy1 overpass to Arborlynn
    • Salop-Brooksbank-Rufus-Kirkstone Park-Whiteley


  • 2. DNV budget - well done!
    • 9 of 14 comments (65%) mentioned active transportation.
    • Will help protect AT work from the scissors by council and staff.


  • 3. Cargo Bikes at Libraries - Moving Forward
      • RFI issued Dec 18, closes Feb 9.
    • Plan is 8 bikes at several library locations, by May-June 2024.
    • DW attended RFI meeting on 29-Jan-2024. Good to see the progress!


  • Opportunity for Input - Debugging the Network
      • Right turn lane hazard - DNV will add flex posts on a case by case basis - have done at Fromme & 29th.
        • "Debugging the network" - please pass on examples where most needed to Duncan.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

Proposed bike lane up Cypress Bowl Road

  • A HUB letter of qualified support of this proposal was sent to the District's mayor and councillors on 23 January one day before project proponent, John Weston, met with the mayor.
  • A motion supporting the proposal was unanimously passed at Monday evening's council meeting on 29 January.
  • The mayor said he has arranged a meeting with the BC Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport on 15 February.

Upcoming meetings

  • Paul, Mike and Peter will meet with DWV engineering and Transportation staff on 5 February to get an update on planned improvements in cycling infrastructure for 2024.
  • Mayor Sager has invited HUB to a meeting at the municipal hall on 9 February, probably to discuss the Cypress Bowl bike lane. HUB executive director, Laura Jane, plans to attend along with Paul and Peter.

Proposed Transportation Budget for 2024

  • Marine Drive & 31st Intersection Upgrades $223,000
  • Active Transportation Infrastructure $340,000, $255,000 internal and $85,000 external sources.

DWV Environment Committee

  • The Committee has expressed an interest in supporting Bike to School Week and Go-By-Bike Week from 3-9 June 2024
  • Peter will explore the possibility of obtaining funding from the DWV Environment Fund for North Shore bike maps and bike-to-school courses in public schools.

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure - Mike/Don

Communications & Outreach - Rueben/Paul/Heather

  • let us know if there is something we should communicate about - blocked bike lanes, new infrastructure, etc.
  • Implementation of Strava HUB bike club
  • Twitter (Rueben)
    • Spirit Trail closure on Harbourside Drive (one block either side of Fell Ave)
    • Posted about snow clearing on MUP and bike lanes (Spirit Trail good, other bike lanes hit and miss)
    • Spirit Trail potential detour around Shipyards for Shipyard Infrastructure Upgrade project
  • Facebook(Heather)

Schools - Paul Janzen

  • Collingwood school program confirmed commencing Jan 29/24.
    • in class sessions leading up to road ride in April.
    • Hub volunteers always invited to attend to see how this works.


  • Jack Lonsdale, after the meeting.
    • Any and all are welcome