Meeting Summary: Nov 9, 2017

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  • Introductions: Tony (chair), Peter T, Dianne, Fiona, Fred, Erika R, Neil Parkinson-Dow, Kevin and Amelia
  • Anthem Properties - presentation

Comments on notes:

    • I would like to emphasize the importance of secure and convenient bike parking with an integrated charging station for ebikes. (Basically ground fault protected 120V outlet.) in this link are examples of such private bicycle enclosures. We should avoid calling it "bicycle storage" as that is something else. With a secure bicycle parking concept, the bicycle commuter would be able to conveniently ride to their secure bike lockup which also conceals what bike is in the enclosure. In other words, similar conveniences provided to a car driver. I envisioned this enclosed, secure bicycle parking enclosure to be next to a dwelling's car parking spot. It should be possible to place half a dozen or more of the above enclosures in a standard parking stall. Perhaps also ones that could house cargo bikes.

Also, there should be secure visitor bike parking spots as there are for cars.

The following topics were discussed:

District of North Vancouver

  • October 2nd - presentation to council - 2018 repaving list / budget spend - Tony to write letter
  • Pilot bike lane on Highland Blvd / Queens - Follow Up
  • Maplewood Plan - Meeting Setup with District of North Vancouver
  • Statistics from IWMB

  • Letter to S. Ono re: Eastbound curb lane on Marine Drive at Capilano Road right turns and follow up

District of West Vancouver

  • AMBLESIDE - Planning the Town Centre of Tomorrow - November 7th

City of North Vancouver

  • Bike BC Survey discussion with D. Pope / Esplanade and Lonsdale intersection
  • "Construction Guidelines for Bike Lane Closures” to assist in ensuring bike safety when bike lanes are closed due to construction, and we anticipate them being completed in fall. Follow Up.
  • New gap: two blocks of 16th Street West, in North Vancouver, between Marine Drive and Fell Ave.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Lower Lynn Interchanges project update

HUB Structure and Sub-Committee Focus

Other Letters or Actions Required

  • Spirit Trail baffles at Pemberton and Welch – need a video of a family with a bike trailer.
  • 2012 Bike Masterplan Updates: 3rd Street / 2nd Street / Mahon