2023-10-05 Summary

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HUB North Shore Committee meeting Summary Thursday October 5, 2023

Meeting commenced 6:35 p.m.

Attendees: In Person - Don, Paul J., Derrick, Fiona, Peter, Bruce, Cathy A., Stewart, Heather, Erika, Tim L., Keira. Online - Jesse Li

Goals & Objectives:

  • Previosly stated core objectives of three primary routes +
    • Ungap the map.
    • Recruit interested but concerned.
    • Recruit 4 new liaison positions.



  • Go by bike weeks October 16-29.register at:
    • celebration stations at
      • 13/grand boulevard Oct 18 7-9 am
      • iron workers memorial bridge Oct 16 7-9 am


  • Translink design guide bus pilot

Mo Bot (they/she), RPP PMP | Project Manager, Public Realm Infrastructure T 604.982.3925 | M 780.708.6369 | E mbot@cnv.org


  • Meeting with staff management held October 6.
  • objective is to have hub involved earlier in the project process. by the time they have involved us there can be no changes to project scope, only minor changes eg. Adding a beg button.
  • flow is planning group to project managers (responsible for on budget and on time).


  • Peter to draft letter regarding MUP proposal.
  • Peter also dealing with cycling issues as part of “positive voices” group.

Meeting adjourned 8:52 p.m.