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HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Everybody is welcome.

In-person at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

Or Online, using Google Meets: https://meet.google.com/myr-xmnd-iob

or by Phone: +1 587-977-8033‬ PIN: ‪290 663 905‬#


  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions

Public Input/Consultations

Goals & Objectives

  • Add Phase 2 top priority Bikeways - current Gaps Map
  • Recruiting - Fill vacant positions
  • Ensure Cycling Priorities are in DWV's Transportation Strategy
  • DW: Limiting Car Parking. What levers do we have? Discussion.


  • Need a coordinator/organizer for events
  • Fall Go By Bike Week. Oct 16-29, 2023
    • Mon, Oct-16, 4-6 PM - 13th and Argyle - Ambleside park entrance - DWV
      • Peter & Paul
    • Tue, Oct-17, 7-9 AM - Second Narrows Bridge - NE off ramp - DNV
      • ????
    • Wed, Oct-18, 7-9 AM - Grand Blvd & E 13th - CNV
      • ????

City of North Vancouver - Nadia/Sophia

7 PM Mo Bot - Design Guide for Bus Stops Adjacent to Cycling Infrastructure

Project Summary

TransLink is working with the Province to develop design guidelines for floating bus stops. There is an established province-wide working group that has been participating in the project for the last year.

TransLink is now inviting the City of North Vancouver to test some of the potential design interventions as a physical pilot project. The pilot stops in our community are on Esplanade and Forbes. TransLink would like to gather as much input from diverse stakeholders as possible and would like to invite interested HUB members from within CNV to participate in evaluating the pilot locations.

The pilot bus stops will be live in October-November 2023. Preliminary guidance is expected from TransLink in early 2024. All guidance is being developed within the context of the Victoria Human Rights ruling of the Pandora Street bus stop. Guidance is also informed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards for accessible navigation infrastructure.

People who use alternative bikes (cargo, trikes, etc) would be particularly valuable to add to the mix.

No other updates for September

ITC - Dana & Jonathan

  • When is the next meeting??

District of North Vancouver - Duncan/Stephen/Don

  • Meeting with Staff - Have a meeting with full Planning team Oct 6th.
    • Discuss when in development process it would be best for HUB input (currently getting designs too late for changes)
    • Review HUB's Top Priority DNV Corridors:
      • Main to Marine
      • 2nd Narrows to Lynn Valley
      • Lynn Valley to Lower Lonsdale
      • 2nd Narrows to Parkgate and Deep Cove
      • Edgemont to Lynn Valley
      • Capilano Corridor
    • Get update on ongoing projects
    • Safe routes for schools
    • 2024 Budget proposal
  • Mountain Highway Safety Study
    • Lynn Valley Town Centre to Hwy 1
    • Open house Oct 12th + Survey (till Oct 24th)
    • Plan to send a formal letter with comments.
  • Marine Drive - Bridge to Tatlow
    • We responded with several issues
      • Project manager replied with, design needs to consider may things, Difficult to change now, will consider in future. Sent reply this was not good enough.
      • Scope has been reduced to just east of Capilano, leaving a dangerous gap to McGuire
      • Bikes share the bus+right turn lane just west of Capilano, even though there is space for the MUP to continue to Capilano.
      • The design does not include any wayfinding signage.
      • The slip-lane/channelized turn SE corner of Capilano could be removed to make crossing safer and provide much more space for the very tight bus stop.
    • Have asked for a follow up meeting.
  • Spirit Trail, East of Seymour planning:
    • Have asked for timeline and a copy of consultants report. (Again: SL, 30-Jul)
  • Main St - Harbour Ave - Barrows
    • Planning to tender in October, and Build in Spring/Summer 2024

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

Hadden Drive to Westcot Rd Planned MUP

Westmount Road bike lane

  • work is still underway but the project is nearing completion. Paul has already noticed vehicles parking in the bike lane on Mathers Ave- https://wiki.bikehub.ca/images/9/95/Westmount_Rd_-_vehicles_in_bike_lane_Sept_2023.jpg
  • Paul has noted that the line marking at 31st/Marine junction presents a very awkward path and the island channelization (and warning drums) is not helpful. He feels that these combined with the half-signal configuration and poor sight distances along Marine Drive, have made this intersection more dangerous. We hope that this will be rectified during the planned improvements for the intersection of 31st and Marine Drive.

Bike training at West Van Elementary School

  • It is encouraging that West Van is funding bike training at a West Van Elementary School.

Informational Event on transportation/housing/climate

  • Positive Voices West Vancouver (PVWV) is hosting this public information event which will be a panel discussion with three panelists.
    • WHERE: Kiwanis Great Hall, 975 21st Street, West Vancouver, B.C. 6:30 -8:30 pm on 19 October
    • SPONSORS: PVWV and North Shore Community Resources.

Go by Bike Week

  • Paul and Peter plan to volunteer at the GBBW station at 13th and Argyle from 4-6 pm on 16 October.
  • We have invited Sean O'Sullivan to join us on an infrastructure bike ride during that week, possibly just before the GBBW station event.

Irwin Park School sidewalk rejected by Council

  • This previously approved and funded project was canceled by the Council at their 25 September meeting. This is a bad precedent for other active transportation projects, including bike lanes.

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure - Mike/Don

  • Phibbs Exchange
    • Phase 2 just starting and will run for at least a year.
      • North side of main will be walk-your-bike south and west of Phibb's exchange, best to detour to South side of main.
      • The connection between Orwell and south side of Main is via detour 1/2 block west - not sure when it will be reopened.
      • They are installing safety fence on south side of Main St east of overpass where the new MUP is adjacent to traffic lanes

Communications & Outreach - Rueben/Paul/Heather

  • let us know if there is something we should communicate about - blocked bike lanes, new infrastructure, etc.
  • Twitter (Rueben)
    • Posted about the mess at the east end of the Low Level Road (across from Rona) - part of the R2 RapidBus Construction
    • Posted about the detour between Orwell St and Phibbs Exchange
    • Posted about the re-opened crosswalk (south of Orwell St) between Phibbs Exchange and the Iron Workers Bridge.
    • Posted about the Adanac Overpass Survey
    • Upcoming for Oct:
      • Go By Bike Week
  • Facebook(Heather)
    • Facebook no longer supports links to news stories - this is a bummer
    • Sep 2023 Stats
      • 374 Members 48% male / 48% female
      • 41 individuals posted or commented on the FB page during September
      • 992 individuals viewed the page during Sep
      • 6 posts in Sept
      • Top Sep post: Accident at 1st and Fell
  • North Shore News
    • Stories in draft: Living Streets, Bike to Transit, Cloverley Traffic Plan
    • Plan to increase the writing team to 3 people including Duncan Wilcock and Sean Sallis-Lyon

Schools - Paul Janzen

  • West Van 2nd school this fall - Chartwell Elementary
  • Opportunity to obtain greater funding from DWV civic budgets. Two Pauls to investigate via Tim Welsh Hub staffer.


  • Jack Lonsdale, after the meeting
    • Any and all are welcome