2023-06-01 Summary

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Meeting commenced 6:38 p.m.

Attendees in person at NVC Library:

  • Don Piercy - Chair,
  • Paul Janzen - Vice Chair,
  • Derrick E,
  • Heather D,
  • Erika R,
  • Eddie W (1st meeting)

Attendees on-line via Google Meets:

  • Laurie & Graham P,
  • Peter S,
  • Paul S,
  • Fiona W,
  • Nicolas V (1st meeting).

7 attendees in person, 6 online


  • Agenda additions - none
  • Introductions

Public Input/Consultations

  • Public input is critical when Council and Staff make trade-offs and decisions. Please make sure your voice is heard!!
    • Lynn Valley Road improvements survey. Need link.


  • Go By Bike Week
    • Thanks to Nicolas, Fiona, Peter & for staffing the Celebration stations!
  • Blueridge Good Neighbour Day - June 11th, times??
    • need 4 people (2 shifts)
  • Cargo Bike Race: Disaster Relief Trial (DRT)
    • Roland Schigas is chairing
    • First organizing meeting was 02-May-2023
    • Date provisionally planned for 26-Aug-2023
    • Volunteers = Duncan + Our Greenway (Sam Starr + Darnell)
    • We need 2 more committee members - who will join us?

BC MVA Update

City of North Vancouver - Nadia/Sophia

  • May 24th meeting with Sophia and the CNV team
    • Casano overpass is somewhat stalled while various parties iron out details.
    • Lime bike survey Need link.
    • Please ensure you copy Sophia and Nadia on any correspondence with CNV.
    • Grand Boulevard signage is somewhat ambiguous. Needs signage update.

District of North Vancouver - Duncan/Stephen/Don

  • Meeting with Staff - Ingrid has left DNV.Mac Fitzgerald will lead Transportation planning. Hiring anther planner for Spirit Trail extension.
    • Liaisons working to find our how the $4.5M + $3M will be allocated and to which Cycling related projects.
    • Details of the ST extension plans may be forthcoming.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

'Bike lanes on Marine Drive between 26th and 31st Streets approved by council

  • Plastic bollards will be installed to delineate the bike lane. Hub had recommended separated bike lane; however, this is seen as a good compromise.

Taylor & Marine drive. Improvements are being discussed to accommodate high speed bus service at Park Royal North. This is a great opportunity for Hub to provide input.

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure- Mike/Don

Communications & Outreach - Rueben/Paul/Heather

  • let us know if there is something we should communicate about - blocked bike lanes, new infrastructure, etc.

  • Facebook(Heather)
    • Heathers article about spirit trail extension published in NS News.

Schools - Paul Janzen

  • 4 schools have had programs, 1 to go.
  • 1 West Van school done with funding from Everyone Rides 4/5 provincial program.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:04 p.m.

Social (Beer!!)

  • Jack Lonsdale, after the meeting
    • Any and all are welcome - whether at the Library or online!