2022-10-06 Summary

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HUB North Shore Committee regular meeting Oct-6th, 2022, 6:30pm - 7:35pm. In-person at the North Vancouver City Library in the Don Preston Boardroom and Online on Zoom.

Attendees: Fiona, Erika, Paul S, Paul J, Jasper, Duncan, Nadia, Sharon, Steve, Ruben, Larry, Linda, Don


  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions
    • Welcome to several new attendees.
  • Ideas for HUB Evaluation rides on the North Shore?
    • Maybe in spring? need a leader.

Public Input/Consultations

  • Currently None.

Municipal Elections

  • VOTE!!! early or on October 15th.
  • Pick candidates who will build more and better cycling infrastructure.
  • Talk to your family, friends and neighbours and encourage them to vote for a cycle friendly council!!
    • HUB's email “It’s Time to VOTE” contained the link to find out which municipal election candidates explicitly support our cycling platform. It is useful for forwarding: https://mailchi.mp/bikehub/its-time-to-vote


  • Fall Go By Bike Week
    • Wow what amazing weather, usually we huddle under the tent in a downpour waiting for hardcore cyclists! Lots of folks dropped by this year, and lots more e-bikes and other mobility devices.
    • Mon, Oct 3 4-6 PM - Lions gate bridge - NE Side
    • Wed, Oct 5 7-9 AM - Second Narrows Bridge - NE Side
    • Thu, Oct 6 4-6 PM - Spirit Trail at 1st and Welch

City of North Vancouver - Nadia/Sophia

CNV Key Contacts & Staff Meetings

  • HUB’s primary contact: Brandon Green
  • Meeting with staff on September 21st. CNV staff present: Brandon Green, Elicia Elliot (new manager of transportation planning), Kliment Kuzmanovski, Justin Hall.
  • Next touchpoint with staff: bike ride with CNV team on October 17th at 3:30 PM

Summary of current/upcoming CNV projects - this year & beyond

  • Esplanade Complete Street (construction underway; signage currently in production; estimated completion of all ped/cycling infrastructure (including pavement markings & signage: Winter 2022)
  • St Andrew's (changes completed with the exception of delineators; traffic speed and volume being monitored to determine if changes are necessary; possible changes in Spring 2023; original intent was to slow speeds and cut through traffic)
  • Forbes & 3rd (long term, 2+ years away; short term changes include a bike friendly push button for southbound cycles; longer green time for bikes than cars, short term change should be complete by Winter 2022)

District of North Vancouver - Fred/Don

  • Meeting with Staff - next meeting Oct?
  • Bike parking locations in DNV - Duncan
    • Ingrid of the District asked us to give her a list of places it could/should be improved.
    • collecting ideas from our forums


  1. Ingrid gave a thoughtful and thorough response, including asking for more information and questions. As many of you know, she is a (the, I think) top planner at DNV. Great to have her attention.
  2. She passed on to others in the DNV who can action end of trip facilities.
  3. This email & conversation was a good push of the need. More work is needed in the months/years ahead. End of trip facilities are as important as bike lanes to get there. For people at home, and at their destinations.

  • Arborlynn connector
    • East side
      • Received 1st draft design for review Jul-26 - sent in comments.
    • West side in 2022
      • Still waiting for Metro Van approval to start construction (over 8! months so far!)
  • Upper Lynn Valley Rd
    • Mtn. Hwy to Peters Road (Phase 1) - is Underway. Ruben has and will post more pictures.
  • Hunter Street Bridge
    • Rueben is posting picture of progress on Twitter

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

AT Projects Planned for Phase 2 Implementation

Sean O'Sullivan has provided us with the following active transportation projects that are planned for Phase 2 implementation:

  1. Mather Ave MUP from Hadden Dr to Westcott Rd. – This will be a 50/50 cost sharing agreement with TransLink. We are behind on this project. We met with MoTI this summer and showed them the concept design. Because the new design converts one WB lane to a MUP, they have asked us to do an analysis of the impacts it will on the Taylor Way/WB ramp intersection. We hope to complete the analysis this fall and get MoTI approval of the concept before the end of the year. The detail design, final MoTI approval, and construction is planned for 2023.
  2. Marine Dr 26th to 31st bike lanes – We completed the preliminary design and concluded that we could not achieve protected bike lanes for the full distance with the budget provided. We are going to go back to council to show what we can achieve and confirm how they want us to proceed. This is a 50/50 cost sharing project with TransLink.
  3. Sidewalk design – Based on the Pedestrian Network Study, we have selected a number of locations where we want to construct new sidewalks. We are going to issue an RFP for the designs shortly. The new sidewalk segments will be constructed in 2023. This is 50/50 cost sharing project with TransLink.
  4. Marine Drive Bike Lane east of Lions Gate Bridge – The District of North Vancouver is managing this project. My understanding is that the design should be completed this year and construction should start next year.
  5. School Safety Review – We are meeting with each school to document the safety concerns they have. The focus will be on pedestrian and cycling safety concerns. We will then develop a work plan to address the safety issues around schools. We hope to have report prioritizing improvements across the District before the end of the year.

Communications & Outreach - Rueben/Antje/Paul/Heather

  • Rueben is documenting construction of several projects on twitter:
    • Hunter St Bridge
    • Esplanade
    • Upper Lynn Valley Road

Schools - Paul Janzen

  • no updates from last month; however, it’s worth repeating the last item from May:
    • Does anyone have a connection with one or more of the following schools - Eastview, Capilano, Ross road, Carisbrooke and .or Westview elementary? We have $ for their program.
  • Sharon asked about West Van, Paul & Paul said limited involvement.
  • Bike education is not part of Provincial curriculum, so not funded provincially
    • HUB & BCCC as working to get this changed.
    • PAC's can try to get funding from Municipalities & other sources
      • HUB has provided courses at many schools in the last years

Translink - Antje