2022-06-02 Summary

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HUB North Shore Committee regular meeting Jun-2, 2022,t 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

In-person at the North Vancouver City Library in the Don Preston Boardroom and Online on Zoom.

Attendees: Dana, Don, Jasper, Nadia, Mike,

Public Input/Consultations

Goals & Objectives

  • 2022
    • Implementation of 3 top priority Bikeways
    • Establish communications with community stakeholders re Bikeways.
    • Recruit more committee members


  • Outdoor Safety and Emergency Preparedness - May 7th, 11-2pm, Argyle
    • Don, Duncan and Anthony talked to lots of people and ran out of maps
  • Go By Bike Week - May 30 - June 3, 2022
    • Wed, May 31 8-10am, W 1st and Welch (DNV)
    • Wed, June 1 8-10am, Lions Gate Hospital in North Van (Coastal Health?)
    • Wed, June 1 12-2pm, Shipyards District in North Van (CNV)
    • Wed, June 1 4-6pm, 13th and Argyle in West Van (DWV)

City of North Vancouver - Nadia

CNV Key Contacts & Staff Meetings

  • HUB’s primary contact: Brandon Green
  • Next meeting with staff: TBD (likely late summer)

Upper Levels Greenway

Summary of current/upcoming CNV projects - this year & beyond

  • Esplanade Complete Street (construction underway, estimated completion: Summer 2022)
    • New bikelane on south side of West Esplanade eastbound is now open.
  • Upper Levels Greenway (final design/route selection expected: Fall 2022)
  • Mobility Strategy (implementation of some strategies to commence this year, e.g. zoning bylaw updates re new developments and bike storage)

E-Bike Share

  • Lime is working to add helmets to all bikes in the fleet. This will continue to occur as they receive parts/helmets to retrofit the fleet. Expect to see the percentage of bikes with helmets increase over the summer.
    • Currently locking them into the basket.
  • Working on getting ridership data publicly available
  • Lime will start installing 16 "Lime Groves" in West Van this month.
  • Lime is working on encouraging riders to park in groves by balancing incentives and penalties to park in the groves, monitoring parking, and educating riders on these changes.

ITC - Dana & Jonathan

  • Several meetings planned for June.

District of North Vancouver - Fred/Don

  • Meeting with Staff - today, June 2.
    • Upper Lynn Valley Rd
      • Council approved building Mtn. Hwy to Peters Road (Phase 1) this summer
      • Public consultations for Peters to Dempsey (Phase 2)
    • Main St Cycling Link
      • discussed 2 options:
        • A=straight $$$, 5+years,
        • B=weaves around, pinch points=$, next couple years - all agree the is best way forward
      • 3 Options for crossing main from Barrows:
        • General agreements that bi-directional bikeway on west side of Harbours will make crossing Main safest
        • Concerns about transition to Barrows (Road condition, crossing railway tracks, width of MUP/bikeway)
        • Also requires scope of project expanded, delays?
      • Don to send our comments and recommendations to DNV
    • Arborlynn connector
      • West side in 2022
        • Design done, Waiting for Metro Van approval to start construction (been over 6 months)
      • East side
        • Consultant working on detailed design fall 2022? build 2023?
    • Kirkstone-Rufus-Brooksbank-SalopTrail
      • Sent comments with concerns about design of crossing at Kirstone Rd

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

Go by Bike week Celebration stations

  • On 31 May, Peter volunteered at the Welch Street and Spirit trail location in North Van and counted a total of 148 riders including 36 on e-bikes Go_by_Bike_Week_tally_sheet.
  • On 1 June, I think that Mike volunteered on the Spirit Trail at 14th and Argyle in West Vancouver.

Park Royal Mico Units

  • On 17 May, Paul and Peter met with Rick Amantea at the Park Royal boardroom for one hour where Rick described the project with a number of slides Park_Royal_micro_units.

Cypress Village

  • On 31 May, Peter was invited to the Cypress pop-up village for a one-hour briefing on the 22 Aprril 2022 Draft Area Development Plan for Cypress Village and Eagleridge which was accepted by Council.
  • Here is the Cypress Village Cycling Network map: Cypress_Villlage_Cycling_Network_map.

Making a case for Cycling Highways in Metro Vancouver

  • Mike has suggested to circulate this to the DWV Engineering staff and perhaps we could also include the mayor and councillors.

Rotary Ride for Rescue on 11 June

  • Agreed we put this following article up on the HUB-NS listserve: Rotary_Ride_for_Rescue

Welch Street Bridge

  • Closed to automobiles till August but MUP remains open
  • Better share-the-path signage is needed to encourage cyclists to ride on the MUP rather than the automobile traffic lanes.


  • TransLink is trialing bike buses from Bridgeport Station down to Tsawwassen. These are converted buses that have full bike racks inside instead of seats.