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Action Items

  • Jay to contact VACC about membership size
    • According to Arno: VACC has a total of about 950 members. Of these, there are 65 in North Van (city and district) and 10 in West Van. We do reach many more cyclists through our Bike to Work campaigns ... A 2004 Translink report shows that 26% of the population in North Van rides a bike at least occasionally
  • Dave to touch base with Colin about YG access
  • Jay to assemble summary of membership for JBAC and Cllrs
    • Done based upon note from Arno
  • Dave to follow up with North Shore tourism about map. Jay will email Killaine for contact info
    • Jay has emailed Killaine with CC to David
  • Bart will drive working with West Van on cycling network map
  • Jay to talk to VACC about liaison on advocacy
  • Jay & Heather to update pamphlet for MEC Bikefest
  • Dianne (Antje back up) & Karen to coordinate on arranging MEC Bikefest
  • Jay - set up for info forwarding
    • Done and tested and added to Wiki
  • John D to spearhead IWMB sub-committee - Jay gather communications from other VACC
  • IWMB signs - sub committee & John D. Antje gather work so far.
  • Group Ride next week! Need to find a leader
    • Antje will lead. The ride will be in the Lower Lynn/Seymour area, maybe up to Capilano University. Meeting location is in front of the Mountain Equipment Co-op store on Main Street.
  • Peter - add Spirit Trail Etiquette suggestions to Wiki
  • Dianne - contact Patrick Golier about Mont Royal pavement markings
  • Dave - Lynn Valley Overpass (continued)
  • Heather - PR piece on IWMB for September