Meeting summary: June 7, 2012.

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  • In attendance: Antje, Heather, Fiona, Jay, Peter, Susan, Dianne
  • Guests: Norm Wong, West Vancouver; Heather Harvey, HUB advocacy committee liaison
    • Heather invited us to the Velo-Talk - Fiona will attend

Education & Outreach

  • HUB-NS at MEC BikeFest: Dianne to swing by Jay's and pick up materials. Dianne, Fiona, Antje and Ben volunteering.
  • Norwesters: We should get in touch with Caroline Brandson (Programmer) for more liaison opportunities. Starting up a third group of riders. Different Bikes West Van started group rides. Riders meet on Thursdays at 7pm in front of the shop.
  • West Van: Norm is Transportation engineer, took over Brent's duties. Anything that involves cycling, working in conjunction with Emily and Donna. Working on technical implementation planning committee. "Street is to be shared". District wants to be sustainable. Main concern is educating riders and public about riding abreast. Law (and safety) dictates that riders should be single file.
    • Want to ensure conditions are safe to encourage ridership with novices.
    • First project is Park Royal - going to combine two bridges across Marine Dr into one major crosser. Will shift businesses around to create "villages". Want to make sure everything is well connected.
    • Jay to send a formal request to Norm requesting that HUB-NS be involved in all future planning. Also arrange to meet Ray Fung (Director)
  • Bike to Work Week recap: Like the idea of reaching the non cyclists, but need a better location next time.
  • HUB-NS at West Vancouver Community Day recap: Successful event handed out many maps and reached many non-cyclists, etc. Need to be more diligent about getting into other community festival events like Lynn Valley Day, Edgemont, Dundarave Hoedown, Lonsdale Car Free Day, Coho Festival
  • North Shore bike map update: Out and ready and we are going to run out really soon. Were else can we get funding and how can we get other municipalities involved? Need a formal mechanism to collect updates and edits for next run.
  • Opening Ceremony for new West Van/Squamish Nation section of the Spirit Trail at 11:00 on 16 June at Capilano Road and Welch Road: Peter will send an email to list to coordinate getting HUB-NS folks to the event.
  • MP John Weston invite to HUB-NS meeting: We'll keep trying.

Hot Spots & Issues

  • Low Level Road update: Preferred design as presented really sucks. No pedestrian access, pretty much discourages cyclists. Two design options were presented, questions were posed and citizenry wanted bigger buffer but was worded to be divisive. Not getting good responses from Port and City.
  • Second Narrows Bridge sidewalk widening with proposed suicide barrier installation: Everybody write a letter (as a resident, not member of HUB! Look for message from Richard on our list archive.
  • East Keith Road bike lane: Antje received a note that District Council will be revisiting it on Monday. Need to get cyclists. Antje will email list to get supporters from District residents to attend.
  • West Van Ambleside Streetscape project (Peter)
    • cycling infrastructure proposals are on pdf pages 15 through 17 of the open house presentation display which can be found at:
  • User conflict on Spirit Trail in West Van and District of North Van (Peter, Antje): Mary-Ann Booth (West Van councillor) approached Peter to suggest putting a line through busy section of spirit trail. NEED LINES!
  • Dangerous bollards, signals on West Van section of Spirit Trail: Discussed with Norm
  • Proposed new bicycle infrastructure associated with planned new developments in Park Royal South: Park Royal will be doing a major renovation. Rick Amantea will join us next month to discuss. According to Norm Wong the District was ready to move ahead with pedestrian bridge immediately north of the Wardance Rd Bridge but they ran into issues of ownership for lands. Still clearing up. In the mean time HUB to meet with Norm & Co to find some low hanging fruit to make the current situation safer.
  • Mt Seymour Parkway at Superstore: Email to info came in, Antje handled. New hot spot created and she contacted authorities about it.

Other Business

  • Open HUB North Shore volunteer positions: event coordinator responsible for maintaining a calendar and informing group of upcoming events to start coordinating volunteers, etc. Susan will take this (manage on Wiki)
  • Need a list of who is doing what in HUB-NS on the Wiki - Antje