Meeting Summary: September 11, 2014

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  1. Attendance: Antje, Peter, Mark, Sybille, Brian, Fiona
  2. Announcements
    • VeloWorks 2014 cycling conference Sep 17-18 in North Vancouver - check for details - SFU woodwards City Program: "Gil Penalosa Public Lecture" CA 3200 Mowafaghian Cinema 2014-09-17 at 19:00: free tickets online
    • Low Level Road scheduled to open for cycling in October
    • Start of Dollarton off-ramp sidewalk widening and fencing - will be wider than bridge sidewalk
    • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge delay - Heather interviewed in NS News
  3. New Keith Bridge Drawing Review - (Brian)- 1.8 m sidewalk, 1.5 m bike lane on each side of bridge with no divider between them but both will be separated from traffic – we should suggest a changed approach with plastic bollards – there will be another bridge at Crown Street as well which will lead to the Spirit Trail. - agreed to send a HUB letter supporting bridge plan and ask for continued separated bike lanes for the approaches as far as possible.
  4. New Phibbs Exchange, cycling access (Antje) - RFP date for design is Sep 15 - one proposer has requested HUB input to the design
  5. 3rd Street/Forbes assessment ride - Brian has drafted up an assessment letter with maps and photos - intersection at Forbes and 3rd is tricky
  6. West Vancouver Highway 1 north side assessment ride - proposed for the first week of October - Antje will send a message
  7. New Jones AAA bike route - Heather wrote a letter - construction of the multi-purpose path on the west side is under construction but it is only 3m wide so not AAA
  8. Fall Bike to Work Week (27-31 October) Brian will look into organizing a HUB-North Shore station at the 2nd Narrows bridge – Fiona, Peter and Dennis will be available help with the event
  9. Clyde-Keith Traffic Calming project in West Vancouver (Peter) - one-way on Keith Road has been extended eastward to 11th Street - westbound cyclists from 11th to slip lane at 12th must ride against traffic and parked cars on both sides - we should suggest that when the sidewalk on the south side of Keith Road is constructed, there be a bike lane on the north side of parked cars for westbound cyclists
  10. West Van cycling infrastructure update
    • John Calimente has now been confirmed as our cycling infrastructure contact person with the District of WV
    • Wardance Bridge multi-pupose path construction has been delayed to 2015
    • Wayfinding signage on all of Spirit Trail very soon - hopefully will include directions to Spirit Trail on the Wardance bridge at Taylor Way intersection for westbound cyclists
    • Widen pathway this fall on Pacific Capilano Trail from under Wardance bridge north to Marine Drive
    • Inglewood and 3rd design approved and will start construction in a few weeks
    • Spirit Trail west from Eagleridge Drive to Eagleridge School planned for late September through November
  11. Fiona has found out that a library event is being planned for next year during spring break which will be an opportunity for HUB to give a presentation