Meeting Summary: September 10, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Tony (chair), Peter, Dennis, Heather, Don Piercy
  2. Minutes Review
    • no comments
  3. Car Free Day Follow up
    • Heather showed the survey responses and results from 16 people and said we got 3 names for the Yahoo group and two joined HUB.
    • Dots were put on new laminated maps at locations from the survey to mark areas people liked or did not like to bike.
    • Heather will post survey results and map with dots on the wiki
  4. Ironworker's Memorial Bridge ramps safety improvements - response from Jay Porter
    • From Jay Porter on 4 September: "A temporary bike fence was installed at the south west end of the bridge. Fabrication of the new fence is taking longer than expected but a new longer bike fence will be installed at that location in 2 weeks. The bike fence for Dollarton and Main sidewalks are also being fabrication and will be installed later this month. The improvements planned at the south east end of the bridge was on hold until the west sidewalk opened because the work will require closure of the east sidewalk for 1-2 days, the pole relocation should occur in 1-2 weeks with the levelling and repaving to follow soon after. Lastly the paint bars with “slow down” will be installed at 3 of 4 bridge exits next week weather permitting, the 4th is the south east side which will be installed once the improvement works are completed there"
    • need to improve connections at each end of the bridge
  5. BTWW Organization
    • A North Shore HUB Committee BTWW station will be set up on Oct 27 1600-1800 at north end of the Ironworker's Memorial Bridge.
    • We will need get refreshment sponsors and a bike shop repair facility for the event.
    • The Committee will also provide support to the Thursday Oct 29 1600-1800 north end of the Ironworker's Memorial Bridge station.
  6. HUB-NS outreach package review
    • We like what Dennis produced and decided that it should be put it on the wiki.
    • It was also suggested to get a double sided laminated copy for events.
  7. Municipality Engagement Strategies (CNV, DNV, DWV - Rides & Keith Road?)
    • Tony suggested 3-4 people monitoring cycling issues in each of the three municipality including monitoring council meetings.
    • Tony is arranging to meet the City of North Van Mayor and Doug Pope from Engineering department.
    • Peter to try to get John Calimente to come to October meeting.
    • Tony is working with Antje to get a delegation presentation to the District
  8. Plans for a group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail
    • Peter will initiate a doodle poll to get a date for a ride from 13th Street in Ambleside WV to Bewicke Avenue NV starting at 5:30 pm.
  9. Coho Festival September 13th from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. at Ambleside Park, West Vancouver
    • We were too late to get a registered location, so it was agreed we should plan for these type of events earlier by making a list of them.
  10. Licence plate covers
    • A design was displayed and there was a suggestion about the size and location of the HUB logo.
    • Tony will work with HUB HQ re financing.
    • When finalized it was suggested to put it onto the HUB website.
  11. Bike theft workshop on 16 September
    • Tony will post details to the Yahoo list.
  12. Next meeting is planned for 8 October