Meeting Summary: October 8, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Kathleen Huber (Community Events Office, North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission), Fiona, Greg, Martyn, Antje, Heather, Giacomo, Tony (chair), Peter
  2. Minutes Review
    • Peter briefly reviewed the notes from the last meeting and there were no suggested changes.
  3. Cycling Expo on October 18, 2015 Lynn Valley Village
    • The event is scheduled to run from 1:00-4:00 pm and the goal is to highlight biking in the Lynn Valley Community, biking safety, and recreation/leisure options for Lynn Valley residents.
    • Current exhibitors include: North Shore Mountain Bike Association, MEC, North Shore Safety Council (bike rodeo and Elmer program), Restoration Health, and Lynn Valley Bikes.
    • We can bring our community engagement material and will look into the possibility of bringing the portable bus rack.
    • Kathleen is looking to some bikes for kids (balance bikes) and it was suggested Our Community Bikes (2429 Main St, Vancouver)or Obsession Bikes in North Van might be a source.
  4. BTWW Organization
    • Our bike to work week station will be at the north end of the Iron workers Memorial Bridge from 4:00 - 6:00 pm on Tuesday 27 October.
    • For food it was suggested to try Cobs bakery.
    • On Wednesday, 28 October, VPG Realty will be hosting a station at the North end of the IWMB.
  5. Delegation presentation for District of North Van council meeting Oct 26
    • we reviewed the slides that had been prepared for the presentation that will be used by Tony and Antje during the 5-minute presentation.
    • It was suggested to keep it simple and focus on the access to the Iron Worker's Memorial bridge and the plans for the nearby Lynn Creek Village development.
    • Our presentation slides are required by Friday 16 October.
  6. AAA workshop plans for City and District of North Van
    • Our goal is to come up with a common vision regarding plans for developing an AAA cycling network.
    • We also hope to come to a mutual understanding of what constitutes a AAA bike route and describe the three types.
    • It is hoped some councillors will attend along with engineering staff and possibly some representatives from the District.
    • As far as we know, it is planned to be held on the first Wednesday in December, the 2nd.
    • Hopefully, in the future, we can do a similar workshop with the District of North Van.
  7. Municipality Engagement Strategies
    • CNV Update - Tony had a meeting with the mayor and Doug Pope where they discussed plans for a bike facility on East Keith Road. The city's focus now is on implementing plans for the Spirit Trail and Green Necklace. Also, work is under way to install bike lanes on Chesterfield Avenue.
    • DNV Plans - Antje reminded us that she and Martyn are on the DNV Transportation Consultation Committee.
    • DWV Plans - Peter showed a photo of the recently completed pathway that connects the wide sidewalk on the south side of Marine Drive from Taylor Way to the Capilano Pacific Trail and all agreed that it was too narrow and did not look like a path for bicycles. The new section of the western section of the Spirit Trail on the south side of Marine Drive alongside the Gleneagles School has been paved.
  8. Iron Worker's Memorial Bridge remaining improvements
    • It is planned to install a fence on Dollarton similar to the one being planned for the Stanley Park causeway.
  9. Update on the group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail
    • On 22 September, Martyn, Antje, Peter and Don Piercy participated in a group ride on the Spirit Trail from 13th and Argyle in West Van to Bewicke Avenue in North Van.
    • A number of the problem spots with regard to safety could be improved through the application of green paint at the following locations:
      • all of the circular-designed crosswalks which could be done, with one possibility being to infillgreen paint into the designs;
      • on the north side of the road in front of Capilano RV Park
      • a new separate green painted bike crossing for eastbound cyclists after crossing the Wardance bridge;
      • a new east-west green painted bike/pedestrian crossing on the south side of W 1st Street at MacKay Road;
      • in place of the chicane just west of Pemberton Avenue to advise vehicle drivers coming and going from the car lot that there could be cyclists on the Spirit Trail.
    • A painted yellow centre line as on other metro Vancouver multi-purpose paths would improve safety, especially in high traffic areas. A dashed white centre line was noted east of the railway overpass at 1st and MacKay and, since the assessment ride, a yellow centre line has been painted around the curve under the railway overpass by the Capilano River in West Van. There already exists a yellow centre line on the multi-purpose path around outside of the cloverleaf at the north end of the Lions Gate bridge. It was felt that a yellow-painted centre line should be consistently used all along the Spirit Trail.
    • In addition to green paint in the crosswalk at Capilano Road, there needs to be a separate left turn lane and signal for eastbound automobile traffic wanting to turn north on Capilano Road (note than when the left-turn light is green, the existing pedestrian crosswalk light would be red).
    • There needs to a a short section of bike lanes in Park Royal South to connect the existing bike lanes to the Spirit Trail.
    • There needs to be a sign for westbound cyclists coming off the the Wardance bridge pointing to the Spirit Trail and Capilano Pacific Trail so that cyclists will know to use the concrete pass-through that has been installed immediately before the stop sign at Taylor Way.
    • There also needs to be a sign underneath the Lions Gate bridge for eastbound cyclists wanting to go to North Vancouver via Marine Drive;
    • A wayfinding trail head sign at the existing east end of the Spirit Trail at Harbourside would be helpful.
  10. Open House for the planned Green Necklace at East Keith Road and Grand Boulevard
  11. Events schedule
    • A HUB North Shore community events schedule for 2016 was prepared by Don Piercy was circulated for comment.
    • Fiona noted that Canada Bike Day, near the end of May, was missing.
  12. Next meeting is planned for November 12 when both Peter and Tony will be absent.