Meeting Summary: October 7, 2010

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Attendance: Bart, Bill, Richard, Peter, Antje, Fiona, John, Jay


Attendance & Agenda:

  • Welcome any new members
  • Additional business
    • Update on Wiki url
  • Review September minutes
    • Antje to draft letter to North Shore Mayors & Councils on funding for cycling infrastructure - Considered too late for UBCM, but needs to follow up. Jay to find out is VACC has any stuff about it.
    • Fiona to send out notice to Yahoo email list about Keith Road Greenway meeting - Meeting happened and it was deferred due to most residents opposing due to safety issues (crosswalk at St Davids)

Education & Outreach

  • VACC on JBAC (Jay/Antje)
    • Jay to write letter based on discussion. Desire voting position
  • November Bike to Work Week commuter station
    • Richard in communication with VACC about working with main station Tuesday Nov 2nd Morning at Lions Gate
    • Dollarton station on Thursday morning (Arcteryx and Cove Bikes)
    • John Henry willing to do Monday morning - location to be decided by them
    • Antje to organize with VACC for sponsorship for coffee/snacks and interface with John Henry for arrangements
    • Jay, John, Bill and Antje committed bodies
    • Need to prepare handouts (Jay)
  • FAQ NS cyclist resource (John)
    • John to migrate his spreadsheet to GoogleDocs and send invites for review.
    • Eventually wikify the results after collaboration
    • Boundaries
  • West Van cycling map (Bart)
    • Brent Dozie offered to hire a consultant to sketch out master cycling routes in Spring
    • Money has been requested for 2011 budget.
    • Won't see any movement until budget approved, expected in fall

Hot Spots & Issues

  • IWMB (John/Jay/Antje)
    • Jay to forward messages to John and provide introductions to Vancouver and Burnaby committees
  • SeaBus bike facilities (Tamiko)
    • Nothing to report
  • Capilano University access (Antje)
    • Antje sent comments to email list that Jeremy will "keep us in the loop"
  • Seymour Greenway (Antje)
    • Starting construction from above CapU
  • Welsh Street (Bart)
    • Nothing has changed
    • Peter andBart met with Mayor Pam and Raymond (engineering) and Brent (Transportation)
    • Wary of Squamish Nation's minimum footprint requirement
    • 3.5m westbound, 3.5m eastbound with 0.5 m paved shoulders + 1.2m separation utility strip + 4m Spirit Trail
    • Metro staff is initiating dialogue with Squamish Nation to extend lower road through
  • Lions Gate update (Peter)
    • Peter, David and Dianne went on ride
    • Met with group on the 23rd
    • Dave Queen (MoT) is a rider and is one of the designers
    • Accepted all of our recommendations except separate bike lanes on Marine Dr
    • Peter to commence dialogue with West Van to improve infrastructure after taking ramp down to 6th
  • Lynn Valley / Hwy1 crossing (David)
    • Dave contacted the CNV about the survey done over a year ago regarding a greenway overpass or an alternative to overcome the Lynn Valley interchange and Highway 1 barrier to foot traffic and bicycles.
    • The response is that they have been too busy as there are so many transportation issues. The trouble with them stalling is just that. The survey is getting old and stale and it hasn't been made public at all.
    • We could ask CNV council to get staff back onto release the results. - Discuss in November meeting

Action Items

  • Bart to arrange room for 2011