Meeting Summary: October 6, 2011

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Attendance & Agenda

Welcome new members and guests

  • In attendance: Alex Kurnicki (CNV), Doug Pope (CNV), Emily Willobee (DWV), Stefan, Antje, Ann, Heather, Fiona, Jay, Dianne, John

Guest Presentation

Alex Kurnicki, Streetscape Planner with CNV, to present options relating to the Third Street & Forbes Avenue bike facilities

  • Presentation is at
  • Squamish Band had felt very disregarded historically. City needed to work at the relationship. has done a lot of listening and finding success.
  • All of 3rd street up the hill and the west side of Forbes are Squamish land
  • Desire to improve cycling and pedestrian facilities for safety of band members and public
  • Currently only one bus stop between Marine and Esplanade. Squamish Band has wanted more and Coast Mtn bus and City are planning to add a few more along the section, expected October/November
  • West bound at Esplanade and Forbes will be a slight detour up Mahon Ave and across 1st
  • East bound will follow Forbes onto Esplanade
  • Adding signals to Forbes and Esplanade
  • ICBC has provided 50% funding to install a driver feedback sign on Forbes
  • Planning to improve intersection at 3rd/2nd/Marine
  • 1.5m bike lanes and/or multiuse paths
  • Hydro pole on north side of 3rd is a problem. Dialogue has started to bury the line but will be lengthy and expensive. Pole makes access on sidewalk for strollers and wheelchairs problematic.
  • Planning to add left turn restriction from west bound 3rd onto Forbes
  • Ranked as one of the highest priority projects, so stands a good chance of funding.

Emily Willobee, Engineering Outreach Coordinator with District of West Vancouver, introduction and briefing on West Vancouver improvements, etc.

  • Ex Chicago
  • Cyclist, bike mechanic
  • Active transportation, water conservation, composting, etc. Engineering outreach.
  • Two things current at DWV
    • Reviewing "Cycling Agreement Plan" from 2007. Plan has gaps...
    • Welch street & Bridge Rd - construction has started between Capilano Rd and the Park Royal bridge. Expect closures. (I rode it this morning and they are clearing foliage well back from the road along Welch and there was an excavator working on the trail on the east side of the LGB ramp - exciting! - Jay)

Education & Outreach

North Vancouver Bike to Work Week station on Oct 31: location, volunteers, sponsor, food, prize draw

  • Antje talked to John Henry Bikes - they will provide tent, table, coffee, cups, etc
  • Moving to 13th and Lonsdale for morning commute
  • Dress up!
  • Jay to coordinate with Mont Royal Bagels
  • Dianne will try and contact Cobbs Breads
  • Tamiko will donate book about cycling as a prize
  • Antje will get supplies from VACC
  • Volunteers: Jay, Fiona, Antje, Heather, Ann, John (maybe), Tamiko (maybe)

Grant applications for North Shore bike map (Antje)

  • Tabled

Discuss state of Wiki (Jay)

  • Tabled

Hot Spots & Issues

DNV wayfinding signage plan for Lower Capilano area

  • Annie Kim kicked the new DNV cycling forum into life
  • DNV site needs link to forum
  • Peter has been leading the charge on the signage

Baffle gates on new Seymour River Greenway

  • Gates are prohibitive to cycling with trailers and even dangerous for bikes
  • Antje and John put pressure on to remove the gates. Not sure status.
  • Baffles are mid steep slope. Disastrous for cyclists.

Construction of Cap U cycling access improvements

  • Construction of bike path up Lillooet road has started

Other Business

  • Tabled