Meeting Summary: October 3, 2013

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  1. Attendance: Erin, Fiona, Dianne, Mary Ellen, Heather, Helen, Paul, Peter
  2. Monthly meeting location & time in 2014 (Fiona)
    • waiting for response from City of NV
    • MEC OK free but long distance and can't book ahead past one month
    • not connected with DNV yet
    • suggest mentioning that DWV has been provided a free meeting room but now we want to move to NV
  3. Roll and Stroll Bike/Walk Festival Edgemont Village October 5 (Mary Ellen, Erin)
    • Heart and Stroke foundation
    • Mary Ellen can get extra HUB T-shirts but not the ones Heather had made for us - only one left after peter took one so don't sell it
    • have volunteers already
    • We will be participating in this event on Saturday Oct 5th. The event runs 10-2pm.
    • It is a family event with 1000-1500 people expected. HUB will be getting some sort of stamp as participants will have an event passport.
  4. Update on low hanging fruit list for North Shore municipalities (Antje)
    • list is being filled on google docs
    • suggested that we continue to add more items then we will examine the list at the next meeting
    • Inexpensive improvements such as paint, signage, curb drops
  5. Develop report card for North Shore municipalities (Antje)
    • good idea but no volunteers so far except for Erin
    • Vancouver Foundation report on Vital Signs could be used as an example
    • lets get low hanging fruit done first before submitting a report card
    • Helen suggests individuals going to the media with concerns about cycling infrastructure
    • GranFondo may be able to lobby municipalities to make improvements, particularly along the Sea to Sky route from the Lions Gate Bridge and westward
  6. Proposed HUB letter to District of West Vancouver re: cycling infrastructure (Peter)
    • strategy to give credit for progress already made on projects below and suggest further improvements
    • Keith Road
    • 22nd and Marine Drive
    • Grosvenor development at 13th and Marine
    • Spirit Trail west
    • War Dance bridge referring to the message already sent to Rick Amantea
    • bike lane on Marine Drive by Park Royal Towers
    • getting in to West Van from Lions Gate bridge on Marine Drive
    • phase one bike route signage
  7. CycloTouringBC 2013 Workshop to be held as part of the BCCC Conference October 25 to 27 in Burnaby (Fiona)
    • will discuss referendum on Translink funding
    • Gordon Price will be one of the keynote speakers
    • 3-day event $30 registration per day or $100 for all three days
  8. TransLink Wayfinding Guidelines for Utility Cycling in Metro Vancouver, February 2013 (Peter)
    • Peter has seen a copy of the draft guidelines and was impressed - final copy to be released soon
    • Jeff Deby from Translink has offered to come to our meeting to talk about Translink signage guidelines, Erin will see about him coming to the next meeting
  9. Stanley Park Causeway update (written input from Antje):
    • MOTI has a consultant report with various options for the causeway sidewalk, from building a barrier/fence at the curb to widening paths.
    • MOTI hasn't released the report so HUB hasn't seen the proposed designs yet.
    • Support from Park Board needed for any widening.
    • HUB submitted more suggestions for safer cycling through Stanley Park, including addressing the narrow bike lane in the S curve, causeway intersections, signage between downtown and the North Shore, lighting, detour during causeway sidewalk construction, improving off-causeway routes.
    • The City of Vancouver indicated they may pilot the new TransLink wayfinding guidelines for signage around Stanley Park, including to the North Shore.
  10. McGill onramp to Second Narrows bridge (written input from Antje):
    • A car lost control on the McGill onramp in August and crashed through the chainlink fence and crossed the bike path in August. A cyclist was only a few seconds away from the location - she would have been seriously injured or killed if she had been in the path of the car. She emailed MOTI about closing the gap in the concrete barriers along the McGill onramp. MOTI responded that they are looking at the location.
    • Should we send a letter to MOTI, with HUB Vancouver?