Meeting Summary: Oct 12, 2017

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  • Introductions: Tony (chair), Peter T, Peter S, Dianne, Fiona, Fred, Don P, Nelson, James and David from HUB office
    • SUMMARY: Bike the Night - about 500 participated.
    • SUMMARY: Rivers Day Creek to Creek Festival - Sunday, September 24, 12-4pm
    • SUMMARY HUB AGM - Saturday Sept. 23, 2017 - Meeting 1:00 - 4:00pm - Tony represented the North Shore Committee and briefed them on our recent activities.
    • BTWW 26 Oct afternoon 4-6 at the north end of the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge.
      • Obsession Bikes will bring two tents and do bike tune-ups.
      • Cobs Breads will provide some refreshments.
      • Dianne will coordinate and bring our HUB-NS tent, banner and 2 tables.
      • We need confirmation for our event from HUB HQ.
      • It was suggested that a spreadsheet be prepared to tally the number of cyclists passing by and stopping at our station and also count the number going west on Dollarton Highway. Peter could provide one of his tally sheets.
      • It was also suggested to put a package of balloons on path to attract cyclists.

HUB 2017 Election of Chair / Roles

  • Tony and Peter both agreed to continue in their roles as chair and vice-chair respectively for the next year and this was accepted by all.

District of North Vancouver

  • Tony went to Council public input and requested the repaving list and budget spend for active transportation. Staff confirmed the forthcoming budget discussion in December.

He will write a letter as he didn't get a clear answer re: sharing the repaving list.

  • Pilot bike lane on Queens and Highland Blvd is a trial for 6 months but should go all year – it will be a painted line.
    • There will be a public event with NS Safe Routes to school – there will be a planning meeting Sofie and Ingrid from DNV on Monday 16 Oct at Blends coffee shop by Rec Centre at 1730.
  • Fred met with DNV planners, Ingrid and Karen which focused on Maplewood.
    • 660 bike parking spots 2 per unit in Maplewood and some public bike parking as well.
    • Protected bikeways and a trail are in the plans – they just got the design from an engineering firm – there will be a presentation to council at end of month – they want HUB feedback but we can't see the plans until they are ready for council.
    • They weren't interested in discussing the MUP on Dollarton.
    • Planned B-line bus from West Van to Phibbs Exchange may extend into Maplewood.
    • He asked about plans for the Spirit Trail but they haven't yet decided on the route.
  • Regarding the Seymour Village plan, Don suggested separated bike lanes to Ron Andrews Rec Centre and to Seymour Parkway.
    • We should be at the council meeting when this is on the agenda (30 Oct?) and put it out to our mailing list. Following that, we could write a letter.
    • Anthem Properties are coming to our next meeting with their plans to talk about both properties.
  • Lynn valley – Tony put the response to our letter up on our wiki - they intend to separate cyclists from pedestrians but no green paint.
  • MUP over Hwy 1 at Crown will be available for ambulances too.
  • Orwell Bike Highway Route – staff confirmed it won't be dedicated to bikes.
  • Lots of development going on now (check for developments outside town centres on DNV website) and we need champions to monitor and suggest improvements.

District of West Vancouver

  • Results of a meeting with District Engineering and Transportation staff on 11 October
    • Wardance Bridge - letter to Tony from Ray saying safety proposals being considered by Park Royal who are apprehensive about green painted lanes - we much prefer a separate crossing on the north side of the bridge instead of a cantilevered addition to the south side.
    • Spirit Trail to Horseshoe Bay Village on Royal Avenue - two-way protected bike lanes on the east side of Royal Avenue are planned and to be presented at a public meeting - suggestion of one-way protected bike lanes on either side of the road with a green-painted crossbike and automatic flashers at the Chatham Street intersection for southbound cyclists will be considered.
    • Eagleridge Drive - from public meeting, it was decided to go with speed humps.
    • Marine Drive by Eagle Harbour School - mid-lane sharrows but not likely in green boxes as we requested and a 30 km/hr speed limit. "SINGLE FILE" should be attached to the share-the-road sign.
    • Kings Ave east of 11th St.- few residents at the public meeting were concerned about speeding, so some minor changes at intersections.
    • Hwy 1 Capilano bridge to 3rd St - with MoTI and next phase will be along Mathers Ave to Taylor Way.
    • Capilano Pacific Trail Marine Drive to Keith Rd - DWV will improve the surface path along the whole route and use TransLink funding for lights from Marine Drive to Clyde Ave and for a bike path separated from pedestrians on the steep section past Woodcroft to Keith Road.
    • Cranley Drive - will improve steep slope up to Seaview Walk from Nelson Creek bridge.
    • Fulton Ave - still under consideration for traffic calming with possible signal light at 15th St and improvements to intersections at 13th and 14th Streets - Difficult to remove parking on one side for bike lanes due to heavy parking demand adjacent to the municipal hall.

City of North Vancouver

  • Meeting with Mayor re: Esplanade Bike Lanes
  • Tony met with the mayor and Linda Buchanan and the mayor will talk to Engineering - both are supportive
  • Spirit Trail will run to the entrance of Park and Tilford - we could talk to business owners because CNV wants to continue the Spirit Trail into Park and Tilford gardens to 3rd St then connect to bridge across Lynn creek to Crown St. Tony suggests to let city plan it, lets not get involved.
  • 2012 Bike Master Plan – might update it in the next year - we want 2nd St and and Mahon Ave indicated on the plan - Tony rode Mahon with Alex Boston and Esplanade up to the Green Necklace on Keith Rd then onto 24th then over to the Jones Hwy 1 overpass. Mahon is already set up to be a great bike route.
  • Construction Guidelines for Bike Lane Closures” to assist in ensuring bike safety when bike lanes are closed due to construction, and we anticipate them being completed later this fall.
  • Planned Coastal health facilities will have 500 bike parking spots.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Meeting with MLA Bowinn Ma - she asked Fiona speak at the finance planning session and she did last Friday as an individual at the Richmond session.

Other Letters or Actions Required

  • Spirit Trail baffles at Pemberton and Welch – need a video of a family with a bike trailer.
  • Connect with VCH, Active Transportation Lead - Wednesday Oct 25th 6:30am-9:00am Lions Gate Hospital Hope Centre (St. Andrews corner 13th St E)- maybe we could arrange for an added table, showing a map of the North Shore, and invite visitors to add their views on hot points and “needs improvement”
  • Connected with stakeholder engagement Acciona - Water Treatment Building.