Meeting Summary: Nov 8, 2018

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HUB North Shore Committee Meeting Nov 8, 2018, 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

  • Attendees: Don, Peter T, Erika, Martyn, (Kevin Mclaren Hammerberg Lawyers.personal injury lawyer), Antje, Heather, Nick Hardy (QuadReal Property Group), Joanne, Lora Waugh, Julian Rengifo, Paul, Jay, Fiona.
  • 2019 Organization - Election Results
    • Chair - Don Piercy
    • Vice-Chair - Jay Jardine
    • WV Liaisons - Paul Stott
    • DNV Liaisons - Antje, Jay, Fred, Giacomo
    • CNV Liaisons - Heather, Julian, Erika
      • ITC - City's Integrated Transport Committee - Fiona has been attending, does anyone want to vollenteer for this 4 year role?
    • MOTI Liaisons - Giacomo, Antje, Jay
    • Translink Liaisons - Fred, Antje
    • RAC Liaison - Jay Jardine
    • Events Co-ordinator - Laura, Fred
    • Communications - Heather, Don
  • Introductions


  • Bike to Work Week - Tuesday Oct 30 4-6pm, 2nd Narrows with Obsession: Bikes
    • Went well, thanks to Dianne for organizing it & all who helped out.Counts
    • Should we run our spring B2WW past 6pm? General agreement, Don to talk to Tom @ HQ
  • Forum on the Seniors Transit Campaign 55-plus-get-there-by-bus Wednesday, Nov 14 from 12:30-3:30 pm at the West Van Seniors Activity Centre. - Paul & Don man a booth.
  • Fall All Committee Workshop (Nov 29th) - Jay will attend. Erika & Martyn will consider.
  • December Meeting - Agreed we will have short 1hr meeting then adjourn for a social gathering of the committee.

HUB North Shore Goals - Don

  • Involvement in updating the N Van Bike Masterplan - Bikeways - Don
    • will discuss with CNV & DNV possible joint meeting in Jan.
  • Regular meetings with CNV - CNV Liaisons to prepare draft agenda & request meeting.
  • Regular meetings with DNV - meeting on Nov 15:
  • updating the HUB UnGapTheMap list for the North Shore - North_SHore_Gap_Priority_List
    • Thanks to the team who updated it: WV: Paul, CNV: Erika, DNV: Jay

General -

  • New Councils:
    • Letter to New Councillors - letter template_letter - introduce ourselves, mention we plan to present to council in New year & let them know we would like a mtg with them in new year.
    • presentation to new councils (need to book now for Jan/Feb) -
    • Meeting with each Councillor Jan/Feb - Liaisons to prepare draft agenda - Feb/Mar?
    • gaps ride - short with examples of good & bad infrastructure - arrange loaner e-bikes - Apr/May?
    • other??
  • INSTEPP - discussed contacting Bowinn Ma re next steps, possible involvement.

City of North Vancouver - Heather

  • Grand Blvd/19th Intersection - on list for meeting

District of North Vancouver - Antje/Jay

  • have prepared agenda for Nov 15th meeting
  • Construction signage in bike lanes - on list for meeting

District of West Vancouver - Paul

  • Update on sidewalk widening on the Welch Street bridge over the Capilano River
  • 17 October meeting with District transportation staff

Translink / MOTI - Antje/Giacomo

  • HUB HQ meeting with Translink (letter - BikeToTransit campaign)
    • Phibbs Exchange
    • Seabus - Loading & Secure bike parking at Lonsdale Quay
  • Phibbs Exchange Design