Meeting Summary: May 8, 2014

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  1. Attendance: Peter, Antje, Heather, Fiona, Karine, Tony, Ella, Tom, Dianne, Trent, Dave
  2. Announcements
    • Open house new Keith Road bridge over Lynn Creek May 15, 5-8pm, Holiday Inn 700 Old Lillooet Road
    • Cool North Shore theme for May: Reducing Your Footprint from Transportation: Commute by Bike. Cool Drinks Event May 27 - Jay MacDonald will speak on behalf of HUB.
  3. 4th Street bike route
    • Karine drafted and circulated a HUB letter, sent final to CNV mayor and councillors
    • a lot of cars on bike route when traffic is backed up going east to the Ironworkers Memorial bridge and drivers shortcut along 4th
    • 4th is planned to eventually become an AAA bike route, but it needs traffic diversion and signals at major intersections
    • quick response and acknowledgement from the mayor
  4. Green Necklace at Mahon Park: Greenway along Jones Ave
    • Heather has drafted and circulated a HUB letter for comment
    • concerned hat the path is only 3m wide, like in Welch strip/DNV, and with parking retained on both sides it will be too narrow and unsafe for cyclists on the road with sharrows
    • following a discussion, two realistic options were agreed on: traffic diverters at 16th and 19th or 20th to make it a local traffic only street and/or reduce parking along Jones to allow enough space for a separated bike path
    • Heather would like input to the letter by noon tomorrow and asks us to fill out survey on the website
  5. Ironworkers Memorial bridge update
    • Antje said a HUB letter was sent to the four MLAs near the bridge about the Main St on ramp and Dollarton off ramp sidewalks since the bridge sidewalk widening does not include funding to widen the approach sidewalks
    • meetings with three MLAs were positive, written feedback from the 4th MLA
    • the Ministry has indicated now that the Dollarton off ramp sidewalk will be widened and the crosswalk moved before August (when the west sidewalk closes and everybody will use the east sidewalk)
    • Tony almost fell into highway traffic entering from the south end of the bridge, where the railing between the sidewalk and the roadway ends (note from Antje: railing is too short because it was recycled from the east sidewalk/north end - she asked MoTI to extend barrier)
    • a follow-up letter to MLAs is planned
  6. Highway 1 interchanges redesign in Lower Lynn (Will, 2min) - deferred to the next meeting
  7. Highway 1 in West Van, Capilano River to Taylor Way, update
    • the Ministry has sent a response letter to our letter from last December:
    • West Van will re-open the fence on the south side at 3rd Street, as reported by John Calimente at the April meeting
    • the Ministry's response to our north side recommendations was not very encouraging as they seem reluctant to make it easier for cyclists to ride on the north side of the Jersey barriers
    • Antje is following up with West Van about jurisdictional questions on the north side of highway
  8. Cyclist/pedestrian conflict on Spirit Trail in Norgate
    • lots of bikes use the Welch strip Spirit Trail which should have been made wider than the current 3.0 m, or a separate bike path should have been built around the park
    • a Norgate resident wants to meet and discuss a strategy with HUB to reduce user conflict
    • we agreed that a good solution would be a separated two-way bike lane on Welch St. between Pemberton and Whonoak and consideration could be given to make Welch one way for cars
    • Antje to continue discussion with Norgate residents
  9. Upper Capilano Road bike lanes
    • Trent forwarded drawings to the list but there has been no communication or input opportunities from the District
    • no action since nobody present knew the plans or uses the road regularly
  10. DNV Transportation Planning Advisory Committee
    • we should ask for an official seat for HUB on the committee
  11. Clyde-Keith traffic calming project
    • Sue Verigen, who attended our last meeting, intervened at this week's council meeting asking that a higher priority be given to pedestrian facilities in the project
    • Director of Engineering and Transportation, Raymond Fung, responded saying that due to funding,there will be a phased implementation starting with reconfiguring automobile traffic
    • Contrary to what John Calimente told us at the last meeting, the plan remains to install a multi-purpose path on the south side of the one-way section of Keith Road between 13th and 11th Streets
    • Ray also mentioned that staff had discussed a sidewalk on Clyde Avenue but this was not included in the options presented the two open houses - Sue and I told him we want this option
  12. Hwy 1/99 bicycle detour
    • Due to construction on the Nelson Creek bridge on Hwy 1, detour signs have been installed to divert cyclists onto Westport Road and Marine Drive
    • Unfortunately, the signage on Marine Drive has been poorly done, implying that cyclists proceeding east must detour up Westport Road rather than continue east on Marine Drive
    • Peter took photos of the signs earlier today and will email them to Erin Moxon from MoT tomorrow with copies to the Yahoo listserve
    • Erin told him that after talking to West Van, there will be a sign on Cranley Drive pointing up the trail to the Seaview Walk which is a safer detour alternative for cyclists
  13. BIKE DAY on 26 May
    • Fiona gave a presentation to CNV council, introducing them to Canada Bikes and telling them about the bike day plans
    • at 1600, there will be opening remarks followed by the 10 km ride at 1615 and 2 km ride at 1645
    • Ashley McIvor will probably come on the 10 km ride
    • on the same afternoon HUB will have a table in the Civic Plaza between 1530 and 1700
    • it was suggested that Fiona should contact Erin and Mary Ellen about the HUB table
    • the North Shore Safety Council bike rodeo will be between 1530 – 1730 also at the plaza
    • the City is organizing additional tents, participation from bike shops and doing the advertising
  14. HUB delegation to North Van District Council on June 9, to ask for AAA bike network plan
    • Antje showed a few of her preliminary slides and entertained comments and suggestion from the group
    • it was suggested that the safe routes to schools program be included in the presentation