Meeting Summary: May 5, 2011

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Attendance & Agenda

Welcome new members and guests

  • In attendance: John Dove, Heather Drugge, Antje Wahl, Jay MacDonald, Bill Roddie, Dianne Murray, Lorraine Smith, David Park, Ann Yew

Review April minutes

  • Tabled until June

Education & Outreach

Lorraine Presentation from VACC

  • Lorraine is back on board with advocacy liaison (10 hours a week)
  • Invite Tess to a meeting (Jay)

Display table at the MEC North Vancouver store May 16-29 (Antje, John, Heather)

  • Table at the store for two weeks to leave materials
  • Advertise BTWW, VACC Membership, NS-VACC
  • Questions for a poll
    • Optional collect email
    • Volunteer for BTWW
    • Types of riding (Commute to work, shopping/purposeful, Mtn Biker, Recreational, Road)
    • Routes used (IWMB, LLR, LGB)
    • Community
    • Family members that ride
    • Take this to list to discuss further content for poll (Jay)

VACC Re-branding update

  • Dare is the agency, doing it pro bono
  • Meeting on the 16th to start branding discussions
  • Heather is on the committee
  • Expect around September to be done
  • Will create a banner with "our" branding to use until official branding is redone

Accessibility of municipal cycling statistics

  • Idea from Antje based upon meeting with council
  • Can we get governments of North Shore to post statistics (Antje)
  • NS-VACC to arrange dates to do polling
    • Start with LLR
    • 6 hours, 3 2-hour shifts
    • First count will be at BTWW station on June 1st

Request from DNV - Annie Kim for input

  • Annie is Transportation Engineer at DNV
  • Wants us to post an email to the list
  • Heather will follow up

Recap April Group Ride - Village Bike Loop

  • Peter not here

North Shore Streetwise courses - Posters and notices

  • Can we get a poster with dates for all events through the summer

BTWW is end of May

  • June 1st, evening station at LLR/3rd/Cotton
  • Count users of LLR vs E 3rd

Email from North Shore Green Markets (

  • Discussed

Thank-you Email from VACC to CNV for Bike Lanes on Chesterfield

  • Yes
  • Heather will draft letter

Hot Spots & Issues

Low Level Road progress update (Heather)

  • Tabled

IWMB joint committee update - VACC strategy dicussion

  • Need to get full CH2MHILL report
  • Riders go ride it!

Other Business

Urbane Cyclist

  • Lots of interest
  • We'll get Summer issue out
  • Available for BTWW?