Meeting Summary: March 7, 2013

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Attendance: Kathy, Nelson, Ann, Bill, Winifred (SFU), Antje, Fiona, Helen, Dianne, Yoko (SFU) and Peter

Education & Outreach

  • HUB delegation at DNV council meeting Feb 18, recap (Antje)
    • Antje presented - Dianne, Nelson, Heather and Peter were there
    • questions about bike to school and training
    • Antje followed up with a letter with info from Steph about cycling education in schools
    • NV City pays HUB to provide education to schools
  • HUB delegation at West Van council meeting May 6 (Peter)
    • plan to have Heather, Peter and Donna do a dry run at the next meeting
    • Peter to contact WV Chamber of Commerce (Lee Gabriel) to ask to present to them
  • City Cycling book for councils
    • 4 to West Van (Peter), probably 3 to City (Heather) and 4 to DNV (Antje)
  • Bike to School on the North Shore (discussion)
    • transportation demand management
    • Use Pro D to distribute info
    • start at elementary schools
    • get teachers in schools that are bike riders
    • some schools takes kids for one-week cycling trips
    • Helen bought 6 bikes (from Kona, at cost) for her school, takes students out on rides
    • exclusion zones around schools is an idea
    • use school newsletters to announce bike to school days
    • Dianne provided HASTe contact
    • Antje will talk to Steph to see if there have been similar intiatives
    • Helen offered to send email to principals, mention fitness advantage of cycling
  • North Shore bike map distribution
    • copies have been printed – Antje will bring some to the next meeting
    • discuss distribution of HUB copies at the next meeting
    • West Van library is already distributing new edition
  • Draft letter to West Van council concerning review of Srategic Transportation Plan
    • Peter to send this evening and copy Yahoo group
    • Peter and a few others on the Working group will not be available so Peter wiil send a message encouraging others to go to the Council Special Meeting of the Whole at 1630 on 11 March


  • Sea to Sky Highway cycling project update (Ann, Winifred, Yoko)
    • map of cycling hazards will be put on a website with real time updates possible - now in beta stage
    • suggest contact Grand Fondo organizers
    • to be finished in 3 weeks
    • can data mine from Flickr and Twitter
    • need volunteers to spread the word about website
    • $116,000 estimated cost to fix hazards between West Van and Whistler
    • applied for federal grant
    • MoTI agrees with hazards are dangerous
    • presented work at VeloCity
    • database to be hosted by SFU
    • same social media/mapping methodology could be used to document cycling conditions and hazards in cities
  • Second Narrows bridge update (Fiona)
    • meeting with MoTI South Coast regional director, operations manager and four reps from HUB/BCCC
    • sidewalk width 2.5 m, one side at a time
    • railings 3m vertical
    • Dollarton exit crossing needs to be improved
    • waiting for commitment/announcement
  • Mountain Highway design in Lower Lynn (Antje)
    • sent letter asking for separated bike lanes

Other Business

  • Events Coordinator position (Antje)
    • posted in HUB email newsletter, North Shore list, etc.