Meeting Summary: March 3, 2011

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Welcome new members and guests

In attendence: John Dove, Heather Drugge, Antje Wahl, Bart Copeland, Tamiko, Peter Scholefield and Jay MacDonald.

  • Additional business
  • Review February minutes

Education & Outreach

  • Table at MEC store in May (Antje)- tabled to April Meeting
  • North Shore bike map update (Antje)

Order in council received Feb 28, 2011 from CNV regarding support for the bike map DWV - is not organized to participate - the BMP is under review Two maps or one discussion? Will get mapping information from all muni's Antje will apply for funding from MEC for end of September. Vancity, TD Bank also have grants

  • North Vancouver bike master plan
    • review workshop on March 2 (John/Antje/Bill/Fiona)

Adrienne - consultant for BMP Review extends from now and public consultations June. Publication by the end of this calendar year. 2 groups - city and district - gaps, issues, new routes. Able to document the suggestions and given due consideration. All are invited to provide our own assessment of the top 10 projects. Online survey - please fill this in. What do we need to make this fly? Can the city and the district put in $$ for advertising getting this information out there? Promotion as part of the BMP? What kind of marketing are we doing as VACC? Can we ask for PSA announcements or free space via Lamar?

Jay to contact ex members of the DNV from JBAC to ask them to come aboard.

    • route mapping group rides

Need ride leaders to document existing routes.

    • route logs posted

Mountain Highway - John has posted our review of the existing Mountain Highway Route under issues. We should - Wiki-ize these. The intent is to send these to DNV , etc to show planners where problem spots are and how they can improve existing routes. We should try to do this with other routes and attempt to get more video posted.

    • site
photobucket site holds the photos of route inspections.

So far there are photos from the IWMB Mountain Hwy Route Lions Gate Bridge Videos have been posted to YouTube At some point we should put all links to images and photos on one Wiki page

  • WVD Presentation (Peter)

Draft document presented by Peter. Bart will do a second draft and refine and send to other WVan members for input. Next meeting we will bring back to the group as a dry run at the April meeting in advance of the April WVan Council Meeting Add a point about adopting the new BMP and add a point about making sure marketing is addressed in the BMP.

Hot Spots & Issues

  • IWMB Committee progress update (John)

Met Feb 28, 2011. Chaired by Lorraine Smith New attendants (BCCC) came with an agenda (widen the lanes) and did not respond to ideas of the VACC. Meeting was unproductive and frustrating. Minor improvements could be made that would allow us to engage with MOT, CV and DNV. Outcome - document 3 things -1) Skeena tunnel made safe, 2) New path, 3) widen lanes. Lorraine will draft a letter. John is preparing a document which responds to the CH2MHill report prepared in 2009 with feedback from the group. The document makes specific recommendations - Skeena tunnel and switchback improvements and signage. Bigger picture IWMB, comes next. Strategy is to work some minor improvements. Work will continue - John will send a VACC NS committee for endorsement. Scope of the original report was limited.

    • meeting review
    • MOTI response draft
    • next steps
  • Low Level Road progress update (Heather)
    • response to public consultation

Small group developed a formal NS-VACC response and submitted to the consultation committee (Portmetrovancouver and CNV) Submit example of work to the VACC as a sample of typical response - (Heather)

    • meeting with CNV mayor

To be scheduled

    • letter to editor

Published March 2, 2011 in the North Shore News Antje, John, Heather to get together with each other to discuss meeting with the Mayor. (Heather)


  • Protocol for Media Release Review (Heather)

Press Releases must be reviewed by VACC headquarters. For now if we send to Arno for review that is fine.

  • Contact Us page on Wiki (Heather)

Heather and Jay to work together to put together a new Contact Us page

  • District of North Vancouver - email list and forum (Heather)

Jay already has this.

Meeting Ended - 8:00 p.m. Next Meeting April 7, 2011