Meeting Summary: March 10, 2016

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  1. Attendance: Brian, Antje, Peter S, Tony (Chair), Peter T, Martyn, Fiona, Dianne, Nelson, Anastasia NS emergency Management office, Fred, Erika, Heather
  2. Membership - deferred to next meeting
  3. Remaining $285 for HUB-NS from HUB 2015/16 budget
    • It was agreed that we should put the remaining funds toward the purchase of a tent and Tony will follow-up with HUB HQ.
  4. Review of upcoming events
    • We will participate in the Gleneagles Bikefest Saturday, May 28 10am-1pm at the Gleneagles Community Centre
    • After the meeting via email it was decided another group from the committee will also attend the MEC Bike Fest event on May 28, 2016
  5. Delegations to CNV and DWV Councils
    • An application form for a delegation has been obtained from DWV and we should propose to talk about AAA bicycle infrastructure.
    • For the CNV we should thank then for recent improvements in cycling infrastructure and urge them to include cycling with new planning.
  6. Municipalities
    • CNV Update
      • Brian not on the Integrated Transportation Committee but could attend the meeting as they are open to the public and it was suggested he ask to remain a candidate for a possible vacancy.
      • Spirit Trail 3rd St to Lynn Creek Spirit letter went and we thanked them for the design (4m wide) and three suggestions to improve it as it will be final segment of CNV trail.
      • East Keith and Grand Boulevard will be paved with bike paths on each side of Grand Boulevard - some members wondered who would use them which initiated a discussion about their utility. HUB has already sent a letter in support of these separated bike lanes.
    • DNV Update (10 min Antje)
      • Lynn Valley Road bike lanes
        • DNV has some funding for Lynn Valley connection to CNV bike lanes – just painted 1.5m bike lanes
        • We should send a letter requesting separated bike lanes - Antje will draft one.
      • Mountain highgway Interchange
        • We met with MoTI on Feb 16th to express our concerns and recmmended separated bike lanes.
        • HUB perspectives are aligned well with the wishes of Vancouver Coastal Health and the NS mountain bike association.
        • We will go to project manager as they are are working on a design which will be presented at the next open house.
        • There will be massive and rapid densification near the interchange which means there must be adequate space for pedestrians and cyclists
        • We sent them some info on bike infrastructure standards.
      • Potential council workshop on AAA bike network with Kay Teschke was considered a good idea which we should pursue.
    • DWV Update
      • HUB letter on Keith Road Safety Improvements has been sent to HUB HQ for approval
      • Response from DWV on Spirit Trail Safety Improvements- HUB letter to all 3 municipalities letter needed re: green paint in crosswalks - Action Peter.
      • Spirit Trail through Ambleside waterfront - HUB letter to all West Van mayor and Councillors needed to support extended Spirit Trail with separation and through passage for cyclists - Action Peter.
      • 2016 capital cycling infrastructure projects - mayor suggests sending a list of proposed bike route signage to Raymond Fung.
  7. Status of Draft #Ungapthemap list -deferred to the next meeting
  8. The meeting was adjourned just after 1930 so we could participate in a social Gathering at Jack Lonsdale's Pub with North Shore Mountain Bike Association.