Meeting Summary: June 6, 2013

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  1. Attendance
    • Guests: Dragana Mitic, Manager, Transportation, City of North Vancouver; Stephen Blore, Transportation Planner, City of North Vancouver
    • Fiona, Antje, Peter, Erin, Tom Walker (North Shore Safety Council- Elmer), Nelson
  2. Additional agenda items
    • Lynn Valley Town Centre walk-about (Fiona)
    • MEC Bikefest June 8-9 (Nelson, Erin)
  3. Chesterfield improvement project 4th St to 13th St (Stephen Blore)
  4. 13th St at Lonsdale Ave planned cycling facilities with Onni development
    • No time to discuss before Dragana had to leave
    • Action: Antje to check with Dragana and Daniel about plans in July/August
  5. North Shore Safety Council (Tom)
    • Tom Walker gave a brief overview of the Council's goals for safety around schools - reduce number of cars, reduce speeds
  6. Lynn Valley Town Centre walk-about (Fiona)
    • Walk-about with Mark Sager and Brian Wallace (retired transportation planner) related to BOSA development application, about 10 people attended
    • Looked at intersections, many traffic and pedestrian safety issues
  7. 6 June Open House on traffic calming on Keith Road and Clyde Avenue bike route in West Van (Peter)
    • It was an information and idea gathering session with a survey to be filled out by nearby residents - the survey will be put on the District website
    • Action: Peter to draft HUB letter to provide sidewalk and two-way separated bike lane on Keith
  8. Update from DNV transportation consultation committee (Nelson)
    • Meeting in late May, several items presented including TransLink wayfinding design study
    • Nelson to provide update at the July HUB-NS meeting
  9. DNV Cycling Safety Review
    • Good review of high collision locations
    • Action: Antje to draft HUB letter in response to review
  10. Mt Seymour Parkway repaving east of Mt Seymour Road, no cycling facilities (Antje)
    • Did not discuss
  11. Norwest Cycling Club safety survey
  12. Stanley Park causeway call to action (Antje)
    • HUB sent a letter which is on the HUB website along with a petition (
    • Letter writing campaign and petition to Province and Vancouver Park Board, in HUB bulletin sent out today
  13. Low Level Road construction impact on cycling (Heather)
    • Did not discuss but Heather had sent an email to the HUB-NS and Vancouver lists
  14. Lower Lynn Town Centre planning: Mountain Highway facilities, implementation plan passed by council (Antje, Nelson)
    • Did not discuss
  15. Lynn Valley Town Centre planning: public consultation on implementation plan
    • Action: Antje to send email to HUB-NS list with public consultation dates and online survey
  16. HUB delegation at North Van City council meeting 24 June on all ages & abilities bike routes (Heather, Antje)
    • Working on presentation
  17. MEC Bikefest at Inter River Park June 8-9 (Nelson, Erin)
    • Mary Ellen sent out notice to HUB-NS list
    • HUB with TravelSmart booth
  18. HUB delegation at West Van council meeting 6 May on Ambleside Bike Friendly Business District, recap
  19. Events recap: Lynn Valley Days, West Van Community Day, Bike to Work Week
  20. Bike ride & dinner with MP John Weston, recap
  21. HUB AGM in Burnaby on May 11, recap
    • Did not talk about past events