Meeting Summary: June 2, 2011

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Attendance & Agenda

Welcome new members and guests

  • In attendance: John Dove, Heather Drugge, Jay MacDonald, Stefen Elmitt, Bill Roddie, Dianne Murray, Peter Scholefield, Ann Yew, Fiona Walsh, Trent Appelbe

Education & Outreach

Display table at the MEC North Vancouver store May 16-29 (Antje, Heather)

  • A table was provisioned in front of the cycling display at the front of the store. Bike to Work was the theme and the maps were the most popular item. Reccomend to do again and follow up with MEC to thank them for the opportunity.

Request from DNV - Annie Kim for input (Heather)

  • Heather will check that she sent the info to the ListServe

Recap April Group Ride - Village Bike Loop (Peter)

  • Only one person showed - Canucks game - Nora Gambioli joined.

North Shore Streetwise courses - Posters and notices (Heather)

  • New posters will be posted
  • Published in NSNEWs, CapCourier and Outlook

BTWW update

  • Jay corresponded with Talia to confirm we would not do it due to conflict with the Canucks game
  • 300 people went through the Lions Gate Bridge
  • also at the City Hall square - not many commuters, but lots of people attended
  • Heather sent out a press release and the NSNews picked it up.

Thank-you mail from VACC to CNV for Bike Lanes on Chesterfield (Heather)

  • Sent and received

Meeting with John Weston

  • Jay and Peter attended + Whistler, Squamish, Powell River
  • the Federal govt can't directly impact infrastructure, but can influence and advocate
  • Ride the Riding - put together a marketing package to get people on bikes across the riding.
  • Advisory Committee will be meeting again to give them ideas from our experience.
  • Education / Urban Riding / Recreational
  • VACC - Jay will try to get a similar dialogue going with Andrew Saxton in the DNV / CNV
  • Supportive of National Standards and surprised that there are none now

Hot Spots & Issues

Low Level Road progress update (Heather)

  • Will include the update in the Wiki.

IWMB joint committee update - VACC strategy document (Fiona/John)

  • Fiona is now chair of the IWMB joint committee - whoo hoo!
  • Progress is being made - high level position document by Richard Campbell listing improvements, and strategy by which they will be achieved : 1) Get agreement from VACC committees, 2) Get agreement from the BACs (this was contentious). Contact John Dove for the Google Doc working doc.
  • Unidirectional flow report and document from John posted to the IWMB Google area. Six month time frame to the MOT. City of Van counting cyclists on the bridge at the South end for the month of June - two counts over 2011. Ross Kinney - Vancouver Eng will help VACC achieve our goals. MOTI Study on Unidirectional Flow - IWMB made a formal request through FOI to find the original document - The report was not completed. The document will be made available by end of June, 2011. John is posting new information on the Wiki - new page on priorities for immediate repairs and maintenance
  • MOTI has accepted responsibility for maintenance switchbacks

Updates re Biking in West Van; Bridge, Welch, 1st Upgrade (Stefen)

  • Upgrades to roads between Park Royal and Capilano will not include any cycling facilities beyond a gravel shoulder. Bridge Road will not be improved. East and West on Welch, which is a flood hazard and pothole hazard and includes only gravel shoulders. Ray Fung does not expect this section to have a paved shoulder. New Spirit trail connection will not facilitate commuting or road riding.
  • The group is in agreement that the new 1St Street connection across the Capilano should take precedent over paving Welch Street shoulders. The Spirit Trail will provide alternative access to the currently poor road surface.
  • Peter will call Stefen to let him know this is what we have agreed to.

Possible Improvements for Cyclists on Marine Drive between 11th St. and Capilano Road in West Van (Peter)

  • Ask Pam for a meeting about this section to see if we can get some understanding on this issue.
  • MOTI ask for the striping with the Bike stencil as well - single file sign.

Financial Status

  • We have $400 from VACC - submit expense report to VACC. We do not have a bank account.
  • We do not have cheques, etc.
  • North Shore Expenditures to date:
  1. $36.00 for banner for MEC Bikefest
  2. Postage for letters to CNV

Other Business

Canadian Standard Reports

  • Heather discussed various issues around getting standard set of policies across Canada for cycling infrastructure

Urbane Cyclist Distribution

  • Bill - Steed Cycles, Capilano Library
  • Peter - West Van Library, Different Bikes
  • John - Lynn Valley Bikes
  • Fiona - City of NV Library, MEC, John Henry, BSP, Cove Bikes
  • Diane - On Top Bike Shop, NorthShore Cycles, Harry Jerome, William Griffin
  • Heather - Obsession, Braithwaite