Meeting Summary: June 11, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Peter, Tony, Dennis, Dianne, Antje, Nelson, Don M., Rob, Erika, Fiona, Amanda, Don P.
  2. Agenda additions
    • Dennis talked about his trip to Portland where there aren't that many bike lanes but the community seems to well educated and accustomed to cyclists on the roads. He talked about developing HUB license plate frames. This idea was very well received.
    • Supplier to be identified
  3. Velopalooza Cycling Festival 12-28 June
    • Mark was not available to provide any additional information on this upcoming event.
  4. June 20 Squamish event with John Weston
    • Arne Elias, Chair of the federal non-profit Canada Bikes, will be moderating a bi-partisan bike committee meeting with John Weston, Senator Nancy Greene Raine and other concerned cyclists on June 20th at Brennan Park Recreation Centre in Squamish.
    • This meeting is being held in conjunction with the Test of Metal cross-country mountain bike race.
    • Fiona will go due to her connection with Canada Bikes.
    • Peter received an invitation but is unable to attend but will contact John Weston's office and if others from HUB-NS would be welcome, he will distribute the invitation to the HUB - NS email list server
  5. Lynn Valley bike network
    • Antje and Nelson gave an update of the discussion at the 28 May meeting of the DNV's Transportation Consultation Committee where Antje presented a map of additional bike routes to the committee and DNV staff.
    • Don offered to talk to Mathew Bond on possible further steps
  6. Stanley Park Causeway Update (Antje)
    • It is planned to widen the sidewalks and install protective curbside fencing this summer.
    • MoTI to hopefully meet in June about final design including etiquette signage.
    • Construction day time detours will be southbound via Park Drive and northbound via Pipeline Road.
  7. Elephant feet
    • During the discussion, it was agreed that motorists, pedestrians and many cyclists do not understand that the rectangular markings along each side of a painted crosswalk mean that cyclists are permitted to legally ride their bikes in the crosswalk.
    • It was suggested that green paint with embedded cyclist and pedestrian symbols would be more effective.
    • We should look for opportunities to educate the meaning of the elephant feet, including during future presentations to municipal councils.
    • We should also follow up with city staff with our concerns about elephant feet.
    • Another safety concern that arose during the discussion was the problem turning left at 3rd and Forbes as well as at 1st and Mackay.
    • We need to find out design for 3rd and Forbes
  8. Highway 1 and 3rd St. in West Van
    • At West Van Community Day on 6 June a lady (Cher) complained about the narrow rutted section of the bike route on the north side of Highway 1, just before 3rd Street.
    • We had sent a HUB letter to the DWV and MoTI concerning the bike route from the bridge over the Capilano River to 3rd Street and beyond to Taylor Way.
    • Peter will follow up with John Calimente to see what plans the DWV has to improve this section of bike route.
  9. Low Level Road Update
    • Tony reported on the last meeting of Low level Road committee and said the problem storm drains have been fixed and that let down will be built from Spirit Trail to St. Patricks
    • Missing bike lane on Cotton on north side - City will do it
    • Nelson said that he can't advance when there are no cars at the traffic signal light
    • Lights have been put on Spirit Trial to Moodyville Park.
    • Committee Meeting Minutes here:
  10. Bike to Work Week (BTWW)summary and plans for the fall
    • There was a good turnout at the the seven stations on the North Shore including over 300 at the 1st and MacKay station and 127 at 14th and Argyle in West Van.
    • Dianne followed up with MoTI and got agreement for a fall BTWW station at the north end of the Ironworkers Memorial bridge.
    • When she a approached HUB about insurance, she found out HUB is also negotiating with MoTI for a BTWW station at the north end of the bridge.
    • Perhaps a commercial sponsor will offer do it and we can help out as volunteers.
    • Dianne will follow up on these plans for a fall BTWW station.
  11. Recap of Recent Community Events
    • Fiona and Antje were at Blueridge Day on 7 June and Dianne, Fiona, Erika, Nelson and Peter were at West Van Community Day on 6 June.
    • HUB was not at the MEC bikefest on 6 and 7 June.
    • In response to a question from Don, Antje suggested that, as we did previously, that we should prepare a flyer with HUB objectives and accomplishments to distribute at community events.
    • Erika suggested bringing an iPad to register new members.
    • Don suggested making list of people's concerns and laminate a map of the North Shore.
  12. Upcoming events:
    • Canada Day parade on Lonsdale - Tony will send out a message to the HUB - NS email list server to see how many people might be available to participate in the parade.
    • NV City Car free day 22 Aug on Lonsdale
    • We could possibly consider a booth at Night Market on Fridays.
  13. Plans for Summer 2015 Meetings
    • Group will meet on 9 July 2015 as planned - Tony will be away so Peter will chair the meeting.
  14. New Business:
    • North Shore Safe Routes Advocates (SRA) - SRA is investigating the possibility of purchasing a double-spread in the North Shore News for "back to school" week, coming up in September 2015 promoting using active forms of travel to school.They were wondering if HUB would be a sponsor to assist in funding the project.
    • We could consider committee funds or perhaps HUB HQ would be interested - Tony will follow-up.
    • Dennis raised that the new signal on 3rd at Queensbury has no cyclist push button on the south side of 3rd. Antje heard North Van City will add a cyclist-activated push button. Dennis suggested marking an signing 2nd St as bike route from Spirit Trail at Moodyville Park to 3rd at Queensbury.
    • Tony, Antje and Peter met on Monday to discuss meeting-chair transition and one idea that came up was to conduct a group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail with a view to suggesting improvements to the 3 municipalities.