Meeting Summary: July 8, 2010

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  • Called to order at 6:15. In attendance: Fiona, Dave, Jay, Pam, Antje, Bart, Peter, Tamiko, Nancy, Dianne
  • Topic: VACC board meeting (June 9) recap
    • Jay described VACC board meeting and complimented VACC on its cooperative attitude so far.
  • Topic: VACC Membership
    • Confirmed that regular members of NS-VACC committee were all paid members of VACC. Several new members are not and were directed to the VACC membership web page
    • At JBAC the question was raised by Cllr Bassam regarding the size of the membership from North Shore. Jay to contact VACC for numbers. Also need access to size of mailing list. Jay will forward summary to Cllrs Bassam and Heywood and JBAC when determined.
  • Topic: JBAC meeting (July 7) recap
    • Jay and Antje described JBAC meeting and summarized key points of meeting
    • Discussed how best to have NS-VACC represented at JBAC. Can we get eleventh seat on JBAC for an appointed VACC member?
    • Discussed restart of BMP and the need to start with a cycling network map. NS-VACC needs to be integral in that process especially wrt connectors to West Van. A similar effort is being done in West Vancouver with the help of the NS-VACC (Bart).
    • Discussed the need to have a ten minute pitch to Councils and a two minute elevator pitch ready that pushes our objectives for infrastructure and education and how we can help
    • Discussed a regular agenda item to prioritize a few topics for bringing to JBAC for each meeting. Since JBAC meets every other month on the Wednesday before our meeting this should probably be done via the mailing list.
  • Topic: MEC Bikefest
    • Karen Parusel is coordinating at VACC - VACC has a booth. Antje/Dianne will coordinate with Karen regarding our participation
  • Topic: Streetwise class, July 24th
    • Several posters were handed out for posting around the community
  • Topic: Contributing to Wiki
    • Jay requested more participation from the group on fleshing out content on the wiki. General nods of agreement.
    • John has offered to help flesh out more of the FAQ page
  • Topic: Bike To Work Tours
    • Jay presented idea for offering "Bike to Work Tours" where NS-VACC would offer a service to those interested in some "coaching" on how to ride to work. General agreement to move forward on the idea with a mention on the Wiki
  • Topic: Public Relations
    • Heather (by email to Jay) proposed preparing a PR piece on the Second Narrows bridge to be ready for the September commuting season
    • Group agrees. Good idea.
  • Topic: Group Ride
    • Decided to hold a group ride on July 15th

Hot Spots

  • Topic: Second Narrows bridge: Liaison with Burnaby and Vancouver committees
    • Agreed that a sub committee with members from Vancouver and Burnaby is necessary
    • John will take lead from the NS-VACC (based on an email he sent Jay earlier)
    • Jay to forward communications from Vancouver and Burnaby committees to John
    • Antje to upload data from her survey to Wiki
  • Topic: Capilano Rd construction discussion
    • Jay recapped current status of construction
    • Discussed shift of focus from Capilano Rd to "Access to Pemberton Heights from Capilano Rd" and reviewed maps and conditions.
  • Topic: LGB southbound access discussion
    • Peter led dialogue about new Capilano River bridge and overpass replacing the 1956 bridge.
    • Waiting on finalized plans to add to Wiki
    • Everyone agreed that the access to LGB is still a nightmare for pedestrians
  • Topic: Bridge/Welch St improvements
    • Bart described plans for Spirit Trail through Squamish Nation land connecting to Park Royal to be on North side of Welch St
    • Hoping to get general road improvements as a result.
  • Topic: William Ave/29th St intersection (Lynn Valley)
    • Discussed Shari Lazlo's petition and movement by District council to halt further work on curb bulges at William and 29th pending action on Fromme bulges.
  • Topic: Etiquette signs on Spirit Trail
    • Peter submitted suggestions to Brent Dozier who appreciated them. Peter will add the to the Wiki.
  • New Topic: Repaving on Montroyal Boulevard
    • Dianne brought it up and will look into what pavement markings are planned.
  • Topic: Lynn Valley Overpass
    • Dave: Nothing to report

Action Items

Refer to Discussion page for updates on action items.

  • Jay to contact VACC about membership size
  • Dave to touch base with Colin about YG access
  • Jay to assemble summary of membership for JBAC and Cllrs
  • Dave to follow up with North Shore tourism about map. Jay will email Killaine for contact info
  • Bart will drive working with West Van on cycling network map
  • Jay to talk to VACC about liaison on advocacy
  • Jay & Heather to update pamphlet for MEC Bikefest
  • Antje & Karen to coordinate on arranging MEC Bikefest
  • Jay - set up for info forwarding
  • John D to spearhead IWMB sub-committee - Jay gather communications from other VACC
  • IWMB signs - sub committee & John D. Antje gather work so far.
  • Group Ride next week! Need to find a leader
  • Peter - add Spirit Trail etiquette suggestions to Wiki
  • Dianne - contact Patrick Golier about Montroyal Boulevard pavement markings
  • Dave - Lynn Valley Overpass (continued)
  • Heather - PR piece on IWMB for September