Meeting Summary: July 7, 2011

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Attendance & Agenda

Welcome new members and guests

  • In attendance: John Dove, Bill Roddie, Fiona Walsh, Jay MacDonald, Peter Scholefield, Bart Copeland, Donna Howes

Guest Presentation

Donna Howes on signage for north end of Lions Gate Bridge

  • Rachel Jamieson = Translink contact for this
  • Erica Geddes = DNV contact for this
  • Expressed concerns to Donna about separating Spirit Trail from Commuting routes. Bad idea to put dogs and commuters on same path
  • Purpose of signage is to let newcomers know where to go. We need something to let drivers know where commuter cyclists will be
  • Donna will chat with Rachel at Translink and will report back to us next month

Education & Outreach

Proposed WV Group Ride (Peter)

  • WV White Spot-Taylor Way-Stevens Drive-Glenmore Drive-Cleveland Dam-Capilano Road-WV White Spot (12 km, 50 minutes)
  • Proposed: Thu July 21st @7:00, meet at White Spot

update on North Shore Streetwise courses (Heather)

  • Tabled

Hot Spots & Issues

IWMB MOTI feasibility study findings (John/Fiona)

  • Excerpts from the full document released under Freedom of Information request
    • Option 1 widen both bridge sidewalks $13M +/- [Based on structural cost information from the Sidewalk Railing Concept Study (Hatch Mott MacDonald, 2009), the cost of widening the sidewalks to just 2.3 m is expected to be in the order of $13 million. Therefore, Option 1 widening to Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) standards for a 2-way, multi-use path (4.0 m, plus shy distance) would likely be significantly more costly.]
    • Option 4 Underpass highway at south end cost estimate $2.5M +/- (up to 3.5M)
    • Option 5 Overpass highway at south end cost estimate $2.7M +/- (up to 3.5M)
    • Option 7 with variations [4.4 Grade Performance of Options 6, 7, 8, and 10 Various north-south routes (Exhibit 9) are compared in profile on Exhibit 10 to assess the effectiveness of Option 7 (Bridgeway Route). There are several possible alignments of Option 7, two of which are illustrated here. The steepness and length of the uphill travel required on the Kootenay Route and Option 7i are particularly challenging. The Skeena Route is similar in steepness but shorter in grade than those two routes.]
  • The IWMB Joint Committee has yet to assess the document fully and determine any changes to the strategy and timelines proposed (which were endorsed by the NS Committee last meeting). If so the VACC position paper will be re-presented for NS review.
  • Two new members of IWMB committee: Gavin Davidson (ex Translink cycling coordinator) and Jennifer Hinnell (road cyclist from Vancouver)
  • John will engage DNV TPAC with updated position paper
  • "Yield to oncoming traffic" signs have been added/replaced

MOTI stuff

  • Lloyd/Westview trail is supposed to get improvements to being a cycling path
  • Sweeping Capilano west bound to Cypress

North Vancouver BMP update (John/Jay)

  • CNV provided a web page link for the forum material (boards with maps)
  • Antje had the following input by email - "none of the maps showed important destinations (schools, shopping centres, community centres) so it's hard to see whether the bike network connects to them or not. Also a lot of bike routes seem to miss (short) connections to nearby routes - but perhaps that's just a mapping/software problem ... happy to see ... a link across the highway near Cedar Village and a new bridge across Lynn Creek."
  • Dave Perfitt contributed "Reallocating curb to curb road widths with paint is lower cost metrics with higher 'KM's of bike lanes' metrics. For an alternate example, I'd like to see a spot improvement at 11th and Lonsdale. There is a ped signal that should be adapted to a bike signal too. I mentioned it ... but the rub I got from Staff was that it would be a distraction from the continued extensions of the 13th Street bike lanes."
  • Overall we approve of the progress and current material with the addition of centre to centre map

Update on Welch Street Upgrade (Peter)

  • Nothing to report. Ray is still negotiating with Squamish band
  • Running into NIMBY issues
  • Still trying to get paved shoulder on south side, not much hope?

Possible widening of shared curb lanes on Marine Drive between 11 -13th Streets in West Van (Peter)

  • Per Donna, proposal is to re-jig the lanes
  • Won't touch "green lane", have to have sharrows
  • No narrow bike lanes

Progress on Pemberton Heights access (Jay)

  • Discussed moving of barricades

Other Business

Relationship with Translink

  • We need to establish communication with Translink - invite Rachel to a meeting