Meeting Summary: July 4, 2013

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  1. Attendance: Peter, Dianne, Norm Wong, Erin, Fiona, and Nelson
  2. West Vancouver infrastructure plans and issues
    • 1300 block in Ambleside - proposed separated lane on the south side of Bellevue was referred to CN who said it was too close to the railway right-of-way on south side. - instead it will likely be shared lanes with sharrows. - we expressed concern about angled parking on the north side of Bellevue, narrow traffic lanes and a dangerous cross of the railway tracks for cyclists proceeding west from the Spirit Trail.
    • Keith Road bike route - Onni has completed, adjacent to their property west of Taylor Way, sidewalks on the south side and created two 4.3 m wide lanes for sharrows but not yet paved or marked. Separated bike lane was not considered at the time of the Evelyn Drive development planning, therefore Peter to draft HUB letter to Council proposing a sidewalk and two-way separated cycle track on Keith from Ambleside to the the Esquimalt Ave. traffic circle. - The District held an open house for Keith Road 12th to 11th Street and will hold another one in the fall.
    • Bike route signage - signage done on Bellevue 13th - 21st Streets, 21st Street to Fulton, Fulton to 14th Street and started on 14th Street. - more wayfinding signage will follow using new Translink standards. - Peter pointed out that share the road signs indicate single file traffic where it should be side by side traffic and bike route signs should contain the name of the bike route as in Vancouver and other North Shore communities.
    • Park Royal bridge across Capilano River and connection to Spirit Trail - 20 km/hr speed limit, painted crosswalk with elephant feet, traffic island, share the road signage and sharrows on the road surface have been completed but finishing touches yet to be done. Park Royal is planning what to do when exiting west off the bridge to the Spirit Trail - Capilano Pacific Trail path between and under all bridges over the river to be made into a wider multi-purpose path in 2014
    • Spirit Trail West at Gleneagles - Seaview Walk to be left as is with parking for handicapped. - rest of route to Horseshoe Bay still being planned following public open house input.
  3. Administration
    • Norm Wong's suggestion for some type of transportation advisory committee in West Van similar to the ones that exist in both the City and District of North Vancouver was endorsed by all of us at the meeting.
    • Fiona made a motion to limit visiting speakers to no more than 30 minutes and 10 minutes for discussion - carried
    • Fiona showed a proposal for a HUB bike flag. A good idea for internal use. T-shirts is another a good idea.
    • Fiona talked about a Victoria emergency and disaster rally with 30+ cyclists on 27 July 1000-1400. She will participate to see if we could do something similar here on North Shore. She will report back on her experience to see if it is worth pursuing it further with North Shore emergency management.
    • The 3rd edition of the WeCycle publication is out and Fiona brought some copies to the meeting and some of the 2nd edition as well.
    • Peter will survey the group to see if there is enough people available for a meeting on August 1st.
  4. Announcements
    • Invitation from Heart and Stroke Foundation to participate in Roll & Stroll Bike/Walk Festival in Edgemont Village October 5th - We will have a table with Scout (Steph) or somebody else from HUB office, about 1000 participants, 6 schools.
    • HUB Employee/Volunteer Orientation Guide - Erin met with a parent from Cleveland School
  5. Update from North Van District transportation consultation committee
    • meeting postponed
  6. Lynn Valley Town Centre planning
    • public consultation on implementation plan ends July 5th
    • Antje has drafted a letter and Fiona would like to add to it a proposal for putting vehicles underground leaving the surface for pedestrians and cyclists
    • Some of us have completed and submitted the online survey.
  7. Chesterfield Ave improvement project 4th St to 13th St
    • Erin and Antje wrote a letter highlighting what we had discussed at our last meeting.
    • Open House on 10 July 1700-1930.
    • Contact phone for Steven Blore 604 983-7133.
  8. Presentation to City of NV
    • Heather and Antje presented on 24 June to NV Council promoting AAA facilities resulting in a article in NS News
  9. 13th St at Lonsdale Ave planned cycling facilities with Onni development
    • discussion deferred
  10. Lynn Valley Road/Boulevard Crescent Hwy 1 crossing
    • document by urban systems on web with design for bike lanes
    • separated lanes on one side of Lynn Valley Road.
  11. Bark Mulch trail (along Hwy 1 in North Van City)
    • Poor condition, erosion, conflict with pedestrians at 25th St exit
    • Trail is in Bike Master Plan, on MOTI land
    • Parks is aware of poor condition now and we need to ask for improvements, including moving a barrier at 25th St so it's possible to access street instead of sidewalk
    • Trail is in Bike Master Plan, on MOTI land
  12. Mt Seymour Parkway repaved east of Mt Seymour Road
    • District did not investigate feasibility of bike lanes and simply reinstated previous striping, although the route in in the BMP
    • This is probably in response to Keith Road process, but re-striping is the most cost effective way to get safer infrastructure.
    • Nelson will examine the route for us so that we can better understand the issue
  13. DNV Cycling Safety Review
    • Previous action: Antje to draft HUB letter in response to review but has not had time to do it
  14. Spirit Trail workshop for Lynn Creek to Maplewood section 26 June
    • Through Lower Lynn Town Centre, access to Second Narrows bridge, Phibbs Exchange, connects to Seymour Greenway
  15. Stanley Park Causeway update
    • Staff from MOTI, Park Board and City Engineering met last week to discuss causeway issue
    • Commissioner Constance Barnes continues to pursue this
    • We want to review/provide input when solutions are proposed
    • Need funding from province.
    • MLAs Spencer Chandra Herbert and David Eby support improvements, UBC Bike Coop is working with David Eby
    • Nelson and Antje will meet with MLA Jane Thornthwaite July 12 to discuss the causeway and other MOTI issues in North Van
    • Peter will send a message to MLA Ralph Sultan

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.