Meeting Summary: Jul 12, 2018

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  • Introductions: Jay (chair), Fiona, Fred, Bruce, Tony, Laura, Don, Ash, Christine (NSMBA), Martyn, Peter S
  • Agenda additions:
    • Martyn identified the need for bicycle railings to facilitate carrying bikes up and down the stairwell at Mosquito Creek (Yellow Bridge).
    • Martyn noted during the bike to shop event a younger rider collided with one of the bollards on the Spirit Trail. Request that added diamond paint marking be added to improve delineation where these bollards are necessary.
    • Bruce noted the lack of bicycle parking at special events around the North Shore and asked whether bicycle valets with fenced, secure areas have been considered. Was directed to BEST as they typically help arrange events, however, ideally municipality should include requirement as part of event permit.
  • Events: (
  • General Items
    • Annual Action Plan for Committee: Idea is to compile top 3-5 major cycling projects we would like to push forward or escalate. These would be larger dollar items, potentially (but not necessarily) identified in previous bike master plans. Different from what is currently being delivered/constructed. Group to submit ideas, several have been submitted already (see above link and on mailing list) and then compile and prioritize as appropriate at future meeting.
    • Christine Reid - executive director with NSMBA - cooperation on biking to trails: Indicated numerous potential synergies with HUB, including safe and active school travel, commuting, sustainable development, and biking trips between trails and shops. Over 60% of their membership is DNV based, remainder primarily on the North Shore. Potential for joint letter submissions on projects of mutual interest. Meet and greet nights to foster collaboration.
    • 20 in 20 Infrastructure Challenge -
    • RAC Committee Meeting Update and Major Bike Network: Major Bike Network was presented. This was released by Translink as part of the second round of investment funding. Network is conceptual only, details would be confirmed by the relevant municipality. Network has been developed based on areas where cycling-supportive development patterns are anticipated to occur. These include local and regional town centres. High potential areas are hatched as priority areas for network links. The concept is similar to the Major Road Network, munis still responsible but funding contribution comes from Translink. Would be high quality AAA facilities (no sharrows or MUPs).
    • Update to North Shore Bike Map: Updates in progress to reflect changes since 2012-2015. Potentially move to identifying continuous routes rather than segments by type (e.g. on street lanes, pathways) as this is info users need to plan their trips.
    • Approved Letter to send on NS Road Safety Act (Don P): Letter has been drafted.
    • Family Streetwise Cycling courses in North Vancouver: HUB provides funding for these events.
      • July 15th, 9:30-12:30 @ Harry Jerome Recreation Centre - link to register

      • August 12th, 9:30-12:30 @ Parkgate Community Centre - link to register

District of North Vancouver

  • Highway 1/Lower Lynn Improvements Project
  • W 1st protected bike lane behind parking in front of water treatment plant: HUB proposed parking protected bike lane, District was hesitant to include and wanted studies in support. Tony coordinating response including input from Kay Teschke on appropriateness in this location (relatively low parking turnover, limited businesses).
  • 2018 repaving list – ( No changes proposed, however it was noted that Mountain Highway northbound could be used as a trial run during construction to determine if one lane could be removed. Recent detours suggest single lane traffic could work northbound. The section of West Queens Road along the new rec centre is also an area that group members agreed ought to be a priority for protected lanes.
  • DNV Developments Updates (Fred Rathje): North Shore Innovation District proposed for Maplewood. Will include housing, tech hub, education, employment sites. Key is to ensure bicycle parking and access is incorporated into development plans. Opportunities include storage space within units, bike wash and maintenance areas. Should be promoting North Shore active lifestyle living.
  • Lynn Valley Road slip lane bullets and letter for improvement: Jay to circulate draft letter request to remove the dismount signage and address northbound connectivity.

District of West Vancouver

City of North Vancouver

  • Meeting with Lisa Parker - City Project Delivery group: Tony provided an update on staffing changes and turnover. It was generally agreed that a key ongoing concern is the lack of access to conceptual stage design that would allow HUB NS to be part of shaping the concept and to provide timely input and avoid re-work after a project has moved to detailed design. Currently HUB NS is involved in the detailed design phase.
  • Grand Boulevard Intersection connections: Jay to combine with Lynn Valley Road slip lane comments above and circulate to group for comment.
  • North Shore Bike Map back on the table - input on routes: See above item.