Meeting Summary: January 9, 2014

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  1. Attendance
    • Guests from the City of North Vancouver: Daniel Watson and Iona Bonamis, Transportation Planners
    • Antje, Peter, Heather, Fiona, Dianne, Ian, Sibylle, Erika, Karine, Don (Norwest Cycle Club), Tom (North Shore Safety Council)
  2. AAA Routes in the City of North Vancouver
    • presentation by Iona Bonamis and Daniel Watson
    • All Ages and Abilities (AAA) facilities
    • this initiative builds on and updates the 2008 transportation plan and the 2012 bicycle master plan, which aims to have all residents within 300m of bicycle facilities
    • AAA generally plans for physical barriers on arterial streets (e.g. delineator posts on Larson Street in North Vancouver) and bikeways on local streets, which generally costs less (about $50,000 per km)
    • bi-directional separated bike lanes cost about $1.5 M per km
    • off street and multi-purpose paths cost about $1.0 M per km
    • Iona presented three scenarios for AAA infrastructure in 10-year capital plan:
      • Scenario A: fill in existing AAA facilities - $6 M more than existing capital plan
      • Scenario B1: use local roads as AAA routes to connect major destinations and isolated areas – $8 M more than existing capital plan
      • Scenario B2: focus on more direct AAA routes via arterials - $19 M more than existing capital plan
    • ensuing discussion on AAA routes included: importance of Chesterfield or Lonsdale to access city centre and SeaBus, 13th versus 14th, Queensbury versus Hendry, East Keith, and 24th Street connection to Westview
    • staff needs our comments (via Heather) by the 15th of January - indicate what is missing, what we like and what we don't like
    • Low Level Road and the related section of the Spirit Trail to be finished in October 2014
  3. Social media (Karine)
    • Karine is on HUB's social media team and updates on Facebook, Twitter
    • Please send news, updates, photos etc. for social media distribution to Karine (or to the HUB-NS email list if you don't have her email address)
  4. Stanley Park causeway update (Antje, 10min)
    • MoTI staff met with HUB in Vancouver to present potential design of improved causeway paths
    • Antje brought proposed cross section design and collected feedback
    • will include in HUB feedback letter to MoTI
    • next step will be survey of causeway
  5. Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review 29 Nov - 24 January 2014 (Fiona, 5 min)