Meeting Summary: January 8, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Antje, Peter, Heather, Don, Lesley, Erika, Martyn, Fiona, Dennis and guest: Heather Harvey, HUB Membership Coordinator & Local Committee Liaison
  2. HUB HQ update (Heather H)
    • Heather provided an overview of the organization.
    • Concerning the upcoming plebiscite on TransLink funding (ballots will be sent out on March 16, 2015 with a voting period to until May 29) HUB will be very active providing marketing material to all committees.
    • Heather's work includes membership, coordination of committees, and she does some cycling teaching (there are 20 instructors).
    • at the end of 2013 there were 1,431 members and 25 organization members.
    • 2/3 of HUB funding comes from TransLink and local governments – last year $15,000 in charitable donations.
    • major bike education programs in Surrey and New Westminster and HUB applies for education funding to conduct programs from the cities of Vancouver and Surrey. Some bike education programming with the City of North Vancouver.
  3. 2015 committee projects and priorities
    • Some of the ideas presented were as follows:
      • AAA bike networks – West Van has not had an AAA presentation yet
      • ungapthemap project that was initiated by HUB in 2014 and a video for North shore gaps is planned
      • safe routes to schools
      • greater presence at bike shops
      • monitor council meetings in all three north shore communities
      • monitor and provide input to major developments
  4. HUB Regional Advisory Committee (Heather H.)
    • meets once per month at HUB office (third Thu from 1800-1900) and is open to members
    • works with TransLink and MoTI on regional issues
    • North Shore Committee members welcome to attend in person or by phone
  5. TAC standards (Heather H.)
    • HUB has a digital version of the Transportation Association of Canada Traffic Signal Guidelines for Bicycles which can be made available to committee members
  6. Looking for new North Shore Events Coordinator Volunteer
    • This position is currently vacant and we need a replacement person by spring.
  7. New Low Level Road & Spirit Trail
    • a number of problem areas were raised with the new facilities
    • Action: Antje to draft letter to City of North Vancouver
  8. Finalize North Shore priority improvement list for Ministry
    • Antje distributed a printed list of priorities based on the discussion at the 11 December meeting (File:Priorities for MoT.pdf)
    • Action: Antje to send list to HUB Regional Advisory Committee
  9. Second Narrows bridge update (Antje)
    • the east sidewalk is still not finished but might be ready by the end of January
    • completion of the whole project is going to be delayed to summer or fall
  10. Highway 1 proposal in West Van update (Peter)
    • the gap in the fence on the south side has been repaired by Main Road with no plan to open it in the future.
    • John Calimente said they would begin working on the north side this year including improving the access between Keith Road and the west end of the bridge over the Capilano River.
  11. Park Royal update (Peter)
    • the proposed high rise development on location the former White Spot restaurant has changed and District is planning on hosting an open house
    • the project will include room to store 1.5 bicycles for each residential unit and additionally there plans to be another storage area to accommodate a bike valet service.
    • upgrade of Wardance Bridge to include a 2.5 m wide multi-purpose path still needs $500,000 in funding.
    • Action: Peter to send notice of open house for White Spot development to Yahoo listserv
  12. Lions Gate Bridge wayfinding signage update (Peter)
    • John Calimente has been consulting with the District of North Van and has suggested installing a few maps showing the network of multi-purpose paths a the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge
  13. HUB participation in 2015 North Shore community events
    • not discussed
  14. Canada Bike Day 2015 (Fiona)
    • Fiona informed us that Canada Bike Day will be on 25 May and suggested a similar routine to last year in North Van City Library Square
  15. North Vancouver City Library event (for use of meeting room) (Fiona)
    • the library is agreeable to an event during spring break for children at the library on either 16 or 19 March at 1400 – it would last about 45 minutes - Don and Erika though that they would be available to help out.
    • Action: Fiona to confirm event with library staff
  16. North Shore Emergency Management Office - Bike Squad (Fiona)
    • Fiona reported that progress is being made to use bicycles as part of emergency responses on the North Shore.