Meeting Summary: January 5, 2012

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  • in attendance: Heather, Bill, Stefen, Peter, Antje, Fiona
  • Welcome new members and guests

Bob Wyckham from Northwest Cyclists Club Bob organized the outing with 3 councilors from West Van on the Spirit Trail He also took Trish Panz and Mary Ann Booth to the 19th - 23 street section of the Spirit Trail Bob invites us to speak to the Northwesters.


  • Additional agenda items
  • Review December minutes

Education & Outreach

  • North Shore bike map: letter to North Shore municipal councils, letter to local papers (Antje)

This project involves creating a base map of the north shore with basic routes marked - cyclists add their own as a way to improve the map as it evolves. Draft map - printing with New Westminster by the end of March for Bike to Work Week. The preliminary map will be available in February for review. We decided not to pursue bike shop sponsorship for this edition of the bike map, and to publish MEC only since they funded the development. To fund further editions of the map, we agreed to sell space on the map to mark bike shops and coffee shops for an annual fee. We will develop a sponsorship package over the next year to approach shops. Letter to the editor for people to help out with new routes and timelines.

  • VACC delegation to DNV council (Jay)

Meeting for 5 minutes with the District date expected in February

  • End-of-year letter/"report card" for municipalities?
  • Presentation to VACC Board meeting on 11 January

Peter to attend and present. He will ask about the following : Revenue Sharing with VACC central, Governance - should their be regional reps?

  • Branding Update (Heather)

New brand will be rolled out in Spring around bike to work week. Ideas for a launch event welcomed.

  • Membership / Volunteer Outreach (Heather)

Heather will draft job descriptions for the following positions: Media Coordinator Event Coordinator

  • Plug for the CVG

Heather rode the CVG from Vancouver to New Westminster this holiday. An excellent route!!

Hot Spots & Issues

  • Planned bridge at 3rd St and Fell Ave (Antje)

This project will connect 1st through the old City works yard across Mosquito Creek, allowing cyclists to avoid Marine Drive to get to the 15th street bike route. We should probably write a letter to the City regarding it's use as a bike route.

  • Construction progress on Bridge Rd and Welch St through Squamish reserve, Spirit Trail between Pemberton and Mackay

The new Spirit Trail is fabulous, though without lights is currently difficult to ride east into the headlights of oncoming cars. Bollards are plentiful and they are dark blue. All bollards on the Spirit Trail should be the same color (white) and as few as possible.

  • Reviewing and updating the 2007 cycling network map for West Vancouver - The map and some proposed changes are on the wiki ( The Cycling Plan Implementation Technical Committee now has a rep from the western part of the District (Ernie Corlett) and the Committee meets next on 30 January. It is hoped that proposed changes in the network can be incorporated into the North Shore Bike Map.

  • IWMB - Review John's List and provide feedback

North Committee needs to submit these to the IWMB MOT committee. The group decided to make signage priority 3. We will submit 8 priorities and then submit all We will all look at the list and submit our ideas to Fiona. Heather to group items that are similar and reorder priorities.

Other Business