Meeting Summary: February 12, 2015

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  1. Attendance : Peter, Antje, Nelson, Heather, Don, Nick, Bill, Tony, Fiona, Sheldon, Dennis and Guest: Steve Billington, Community Liaison Officer, Water and Liquid Waste Depts, Metro Vancouver
  2. Capilano water main replacement - transportation impacts (Steve Billington)
    • 2m diameter pipe from dam to Edgemont Blvd along Capilano Rd
    • 200m work zones - will be detours (Highland Blvd) around them – no cyclists in work zones during working hours
    • sidewalks will be open throughout
    • about one week to complete each 200m section
    • plan to reach Edgemont Blvd at end of year
    • is already a newer pipe further south along Capilano Road
    • will be a full paved lane through construction zone
    • after working hours, road will be open for cars and bicycles one-way traffic (bikes as well)
    • work Monday to Saturday, so road open Sunday
    • transit will be diverted by a shuttle bus from TransLink, possibly with bike racks
    • biggest impact Oct Nov and Dec
    • will have a painted bike lane after construction (both sides? not sure he will check on this)
    • more community and public meetings are planned
    • we suggest bike facility on Sunset Blvd in conjunction with DNV traffic calming
    • we suggest improvements/traffic calming on Highland Blvd, which will be the main detour route
    • Action: Steve Billington to get back to Dennis about planned Capilano Rd bike lanes and community meeting date with DNV staff
  3. Lynn Valley Town Centre public realm draft guidelines
    • letter drafted and will be sent in this week to DNV staff with copies to council
    • the current plan for High St is the worst design for cyclists
    • what about sharing the road completely?
    • 2-way bike lane on one side (east)is one possibility - to do this, removing one side of parking not needed (1.8m on each lane currently)
    • Fiona talked to Vancouver Coastal Health re: Lynn Valley Town Centre
    • Action: Antje to complete letter and send it, follow up with Vancouver Coastal Health
  4. Kings Mill Walk Park Master Plan
    • we are invited to be a stakeholder so need a volunteer
    • going to raise the level so bike paths would be integrated
    • Action: Heather volunteered
  5. Ironworkers Memorial bridge update
    • east side is now open and we are pleased
    • underpass on north side would be nice
    • inside barrier needs to be higher
  6. Transit plebiscite North Shore Committee action
    • Fiona handed out some advertising YES flyers from HUB HQ
    • it was suggested that we modify bullets on the back page to incorporate some proposed North Shore improvements including B-line buses which will carry bicycles
    • with regard to demonstrating e.g at the two bridges across Burrard inlet, it would be desirable join in a coalition with others promoting a YES vote.
    • Action: Nick and Tony volunteered to lead HUB YES campaign for North Shore and get in touch with HUB HQ
  7. Wardance Bridge connecting the Spirit Trail across the Capilano River
    • Park Royal will contribute $500,00 but another $500,000 is needed to upgrade (including seismic) the bridge and construct a 2.5m wide multi-purpose path on the south side
    • West Van and and BC governments are reluctant to contribute funds because the bridge if privately owned by Park Royal and is on Squamish Nation land
    • Peter wrote a letter to MP John Weston seeking his help in getting funds
    • Action: Peter volunteered to draft letter to the West Vancouver mayor and councillors requesting them to find the additional funding
  8. Spirit Trail/Welch intersection with Capilano Rd
    • Antje received an email from a cyclist who witnessed a collision between a bike on the Spirit Trail and a car turning left from Welch to Cap Rd
    • we raised this hazard with West Vancouver more than a year ago and asked for a left turn signal on Welch
    • Peter reports Norm Wong from DWV Engineering and Transportation said that they intend to fix the problem of eastbound left turning vehicle not seeing cyclists on the Spirit Trail
  9. HUB bike route gap list
    • HUB Regional Advisory Committee wants us to prioritize the gaps on the North Shore
    • we already have MoTI priorities
    • input by a spreadsheet is required
    • Action: Antje can add MoTI priorities, Heather will put a notice out to the listserv for municipal gaps