Meeting Summary: December 6, 2012

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  • Heather, Antje, Fiona, Helen
  • Guest: Paul Cheng, TravelSmart Specialist, TransLink
  • Additional agenda items: none

Education & Outreach

  • TravelSmart North Shore schools neighbourhood maps (Paul Cheng)
    • Includes schools interested in participating, 12 to date
    • Not only maps but also school programs to encourage walking, cycling and taking the bus to school
    • Get maps on school apps, websites
    • Helen wants to contact West Van high school, possibly other schools
    • Provide input what routes are safe, not necessarily bike routes
    • Add connector trails
    • Bring improved maps back to January meeting (Jan 3) to discuss, then scan/email to Paul
    • Heather: Upper Lynn, Boundary, Argyle
    • Fiona: Queen Mary, Ridgeway, Queensbury
    • Helen: Highlands, Canyons Heights, Cedardale, Carson Graham
    • Antje: Brooksbank, Sherwood Park
  • North Shore bike map update and next print run (Paul, Antje)
    • TravelSmart to provide funding for next print run, with DNV and possibly CNV
    • Likely 20,000 copies
    • Designer is updating map


  • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge update (Fiona, Helen)
    • Sylvain will print campaign posters and has distribution list
    • Helen will bring posters for the North Shore to January meeting
    • Campaign to widen the bridge sidewalks in conjunction with planned suicide barrier installation
    • Includes letter writing, meetings with MLAs etc.
  • Ambleside streetscape plan (Heather)
    • Plan shows separated bike path on Bellevue between 13th and 15th
    • Heather to draft HUB letter in support
  • Low Level Road update (Heather)
    • City agreed to meet about cycling facilities, with Port Metro, likely in January
  • DNV Town and Village Centre implementation plans (Antje)
    • tabled

Other Business

  • New committee chair: Antje
  • North Shore Christmas gathering? Not this year, go to HUB Holiday Party
    • HUB Holiday Party Dec 19 at ING Cafe in downtown
  • Donna Chen, HUB Bike Friendly Business Program Manager, at January meeting
  • Mauree Aki Matsusaka, HUB Communications, at January meeting
    • Confirm who is coming, or both Mauree and Donna
  • North Shore Pedal Pushers