Meeting Summary: December 10, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Fiona, Dianne, Nelson, Don P., Don M, Martyn, Antje, Tony (chair), Peter
  2. Moreno Zanotto
    • Started by NSERC grant + U Vic
    • Global but most results are from Vancouver & Victoria
    • They are focusing on more reports into it (to get statistical significance) then they will share with municipalities, translink , ... (spring 2016?)
    • Ideas to get more reports – signs on cycle routes, add to bike maps,
  1. UngaptheMap - review 2015 and update (Colin Stein Email November 25 plan for January 2016) (6 min)
    • Subgroup to convene in December
  2. DNV Committee of the Whole meeting on 23 Nov
    • Discussed Mountain Highway exchange and transportation priorities
    • Key point: Councillors agreed with separated bike lanes instead of painted bike lanes
    • Can't build out of congestion
    • Transporation demand management came up 5 times
    • Need to get council to provide direction to planners.
    • Try to set-up similar meetings to DNV & DWV
  3. Update group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail
    • Peter will share draft WV letter, Don has emailed photos
    • East section ride – Plan for January
  4. Thank you to Committee and Nester's Grocery
  5. Quick General Updates:
    • Best North Shore presence during BTWW ever across the week
    • Follow Up DNV Council Committee of the Whole meeting end of November (Lisa Muri asked to have a special committee of the whole meeting about cycling talking about the bike network and overlaps with Safe Routes Advocacy. Meeting date not set. AAA workshop?)
    • CNV ITC meeting December Update
  6. Adjourned meeting early to attend HUB-NS Xmas party at home of Heather