Meeting Summary: December 1, 2011

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Attendance & Agenda

Welcome new members and guests

  • In attendance: Peter, Antje, Ann, Stefen, Dianne, Jay, John, Alex Clarkson (VACC)
  • Alex brought treats :)

Education & Outreach

Bike to Work Week Lonsdale & 13th station recap

  • Lots of volunteers
  • Fewer visitors than last year at 2nd Narrows, but nicer location
  • Darrell Musato and Craig Keating, park supervisor came by. PS on electric bike - faster than car since can go on trails etc.

North Shore bike map update (Antje)

  • Peter and Antje met with staff from City, District and West Van, plus designer
  • Settled on credit card size
  • Emily from WV had good contribution
  • Designer needs to merge data from all areas
  • Need to then define the base map
  • Should be ready to go January or February
  • West Van including LGB on one side, North Van with LGB on other
  • Need to think about how we'll distribute - communities, locations, etc
  • Will have a PDF version for online availability
  • Chevrons on routes to indicate terrain severity
  • Add mountain bike trail heads (but not the routes)
  • In addition to BMP routes add short trails and connectors useful to city bikers

VACC delegation to DNV council (Jay/Antje)

  • Meeting on Monday December 19th
  • Jay to follow up and confirm the slot
  • We want to point out that we bring money to the table
  • Should present to each council minimally every 18 months
  • Vancouver does not attend every council meeting but does do presentations regularly
  • Upper Capilano Road bike lanes

West Van Cycling Network Implementation Plan Technical Committee (Peter)

  • Sanctioned committee by District of West Van
  • Heather, Peter, Bart and Stefen
  • First meeting on Dec 5th at Mountain Room at West Van Rec Centre
  • Not to spend time on existing bike room map with focus on areas that need attention
  • Expect a councillor to be assigned to the group
  • Emily is staff liaison

North Shore Mountain Biking Association outreach

  • Invite member of NSMBA to a NS-VACC meeting to work out how groups can benefit each other
  • Map and trailheads approach
  • Ann will discuss with her contact

VACC Re-Branding Update (Heather)

VACC North Shore Membership Drive (Heather)

Hot Spots & Issues

East Keith Road update (Antje)

  • Still a pilot implementation
  • Expect final decision in Spring 2012
  • Distributing the pamphlets was an effective tool for engaging the local residents
  • Following up with visit to council was effective
  • John engaged North Shore Mtn Biking Association - they expected residents to be opposed to the bike lane

Spirit Trail construction at Mackay pond (NS News letter) and other Spirit Trail developments (Peter)

  • Construction is ongoing

Other Business

Christmas Gathering December 10 (Heather)

  • Dec 10th 11:00-1:00 at Andreas on 16th & Chesterfield