Meeting Summary: August 5, 2010

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MEC Bikefest recap (who?)

  • Not very well attended or organized
  • Suggestions for improving attendance?
    • Link it with BTWW, BTSD, Pedalheads/Lifecycles ( , etc, or in May, June
    • Better advertising
    • MEC members on opt-in
    • Earlier advertising

Discuss Seabus issues - Space for bikes on SB, escalators in Waterfront (Tamiko)

  • Tamiko talked to Jason at Translink PR (Translink Customer Service 604-953-3333)
  • Change signage for escalators to permit them on one escalator at SB
    • Jason presenting the idea to the powers that be
  • Seats are hard to remove to make room for bikes
    • Last row competes with tourists for the view
    • Jason has a proposal to put a sign up for bike priority in last row - yield to cyclists
  • New seabus issues
    • Cloth seats will be replaced
    • Current "bike area" will interfere with emergency exit
  • Need to take elevator to Canada Line, escalator is too steep
  • Letter from NS-VACC to Translink encouraging them to move forward on these initiatives - Tamiko to call Jason back and find out who we should send it to. Once have, draft up letter, approval with Arno and send along.

Recap of VACC Advocacy Advisory Committee meeting (Jay)

  • Jay - ask about how public knows about VACC board meetings
  • Jay - follow up on regional group meeting