Meeting Summary: August 13, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Tony (chair), Peter, Dianne, Giacomo, Don McPherson, Rob, Fiona, Heather, Don Piercy
    • The 2nd floor room that we usually meet in was inadvertently double booked, so the library arranged for us to meet in a larger meeting room on the 3rd floor and set up the digital projector that was permanently installed at the back of the room.
  2. Special guest, Adolfo Majano, from the city of NV to discuss West Keith Road/13th Street plans.
    • Adolfo said he appreciated our input that he had received through our HUB letter.
    • He displayed all of the options for the two sections, Jones to Mahon and Mahon to Chesterfield and briefed us on the rationale for each one of them.
    • We reiterated that we did like any of the options that put cyclists in the boulevard and really wanted protected bike lanes on each side.
    • He had made up and displayed drawings that incorporated our suggestions.
    • While he said he appreciated our suggestions, he said they might be too expensive to implement due to the additional space need on the north side and would required removing some parking on the south side.
    • When asked why there were no drawings showing configurations in the transition areas, he said it would be too costly to do for each of the many options and would wait until there is more certainty about the options.
    • A second open house is planned for October or November.
  3. Car Free day on Lonsdale Avenue on August 22
    • Heather presented a sheet with a schedule which included guided rides to the event across both bridges over Burrard Inlet.
    • Nicole from HUB H.Q. will bring a tent.
    • Don got agreement to expend funds for laminating the 2015 edition of North Shore bike map, one map on each side.
  4. Capilano Water Main project update
    • Construction will begin next week on the first 200m section on Capilano Road between Prospect Avenue and Montroyal Boulevard.
    • Traffic in this area will be detoured around the construction zone using the Cliffridge Detour Route although cyclists will be able still get through on Capilano Road.
    • Capilano Road will remain open south of Montroyal Boulevard.
  5. Ironworkers Memorial Bridge ramps safety improvements - response from Jay Porter - deferred to the next meeting.
  6. North Shore Safe Routes Advocates (NSSRA) request for HUB funding - - deferred to the next meeting.
  7. HUB-NS outreach package review - deferred to the next meeting.
  8. Plans for a group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail - deferred to the next meeting.
  9. Next meeting is planned for 10 September