Meeting Summary: Aug 10, 2017

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  • Introductions: Keith (from near Deep Cove), Rob, Fred, Tony (chair), Peter S, Giacomo, Erika, Paul
  • Events - Only three people are available for the Coho Fest in September, so we will not participate.
    • Recap: West Van Bike to Shop Days 22 July
      • Paul, Peter, Martyn and Jeff Leigh led 28 (44 had signed up on the website) cyclists (in two groups) from Hornby and West Hasting through the Stanley Park causeway to Ambleside and Dundarave.
      • On our way over to Vancouver, Paul and I put up wayfinding signs along the route for those who would not be coming with the guided group.
      • The Ambleside and Dundarave Business Improvement Association had arranged for bike valet facilities to be set up at 17th and Bellevue and at 24th and Marine Drive.
      • HUB had a registration desk set up at 17th and Marine Drive in front of Fresh Street Market.

City of North Vancouver

  • Mosquito Creek: Doug Pope told Tony that they are finishing the detailed design and will be starting construction after Labour Day.
  • 13th St bike lane has been repainted and Tony will follow up to find out the status of 13th St west to Lonsdale.
  • 2nd Street in Moodyville - We sent a letter concerning plans for the Moodyville Park area – lets ask if there are plans for cycling during construction - Tony will send an email to Dragana to find out.
  • Construction is under way on Keith Road west and the 21st St section of the Green Necklace – Tony will enquire about the status of cycling facilities for these two projects.

District of North Vancouver

  • East Keith Rd. Accident – a ghost bike was suggested and perhaps Martin and Erika could follow up on this.
  • Rob suggested sharrows in the middle of traffic lanes on all downhill bike routes.
  • Erika said a bike lane is being put in on Brooksbank.
  • There is also a pilot bike lane on Highland blvd (Ingrid contacted us).
  • Lynn Valley Rd update- underpass construction under way.
  • Erika is concerned about a development of a one-block bike lane at Larson and Bewicke

District of West Vancouver

  • As a follow-up from our HUB delegation presentation to DWV Council on 24 July, Peter has drafted some proposed Wardance Bridge safety improvements that were included in an email to Ray Fung. File:Email to Council on Wardance Bridge.pdf
  • Peter and Paul will draft a HUB letter proposing a separate crossing of the Capilano River and attach the proposed safety improvements that we think should be done anyway.
  • Before completing the draft letter, they will consult with Park Royal Shopping Centre VP, Rick Amantea.
  • Eagle Harbour Dropoff Area - The narrowing of traffic lanes on Marine Drive by the Eagle Harbour School are hazardous for cyclists, so we will get our HUB contacts in the area to draft a HUB letter to the mayor and councillors with our suggestions which would include designating single file traffic on the narrowed lanes.
  • Five of the six sets of chicanes on the Kings Ave bike route have been removed so a HUB letter is not required:
  • Tony suggest that path on Mathers Ave near McKechnie Park could be improved for bikes.


  • Spirit Trail baffles at Pemberton and Welch – need a video of a family with a bike trailer.
  • Maplewood – Will Sherman prepared some slides which Tony displayed. – Tony has met with him and we should get this info on the slides turned into a letter.