Meeting Summary: April 9, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Antje, Peter, Tony, Dennis, Nelson, Don, Rob, Erika, Giacomo, Sheldon, Andrew, Martyn, Fiona, Nick
  2. Lynn Valley bike network
    • this item took up most of the meeting with discussion about the best bike routes into and through Lyn Valley.
    • routes identified in the Lynn Valley Town Centre plans were discussed as were those routes identified on the bike master plan
    • there were suggestion of other routes to consider, some of them off-street pathways
    • It was agreed that there wasn't too much we could do about the Lynn Valley Town Centre routes as we have already made considerable input to the plans
    • It was decided that it would be a good idea to arrange a group ride so that we could become more familiar with some of the route options that were raised
  3. Transit plebiscite - North Shore action
    • flyers promoting a yes vote were distributed at the Lonsdale Quay on 30 March and at the Phibbs Exchange on 2 April
  4. North Shore Committee chair position open
    • Antje formally announced that she was stepping down as Committee chair after this meeting
    • Peter thanked Antje for the excellent work she had done as chair and the attendees responded with an an applause
    • Peter said that he would chair the next meeting on 14 May at which time nominations for a new chair would be accepted
  5. Bike BC provincial funding for cycling infrastructure
    • attendees were encouraged to urge local municipal governments to take advantage of Bike BC funding
  6. HUB library event March 16 recap
    • Fiona is suggesting on 25 May we organize a similar event that was held last year to celebrate Canada Bike Day in the North Van City square
  7. West Van cycling infrastructure issues
    • Hwy 1 north side paved shoulder west of Capilano River to 3rd Street needs improvement now that the path down to Keith road has been improved with a packed gravel surface
    • War Dance Bridge - Park Royal is still looking for another $500,000 to match their $500,000 to comppmlet the palnned project
    • 1300 block Marine Drive redevelopment - the 1300 block Bellevue bike route will be closed into June while construction begin on the Grosvenor 1300 block redevelopment project
    • 1100 block Keith Road - an open house was held in March concerning the proposed sidewalk on the south side but we would like a bike lane on the north side
    • wayfinding signage - District engineer John Calimente has been consulting Antje and Peter about suggestion to install wayfinding signage on West Van bike routess