Meeting Summary: April 7, 2011

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Attendance & Agenda

Welcome new members and guests - None

In attendence: John Dove, Dianne Murray, Bart Copeland, and Peter Scholefield

  • Review March minutes

O/s action items

    • Jay to contact ex members of the DNV from JBAC to ask them to come aboard.
    • John has updated the route review of Mountain

Education & Outreach

  • Dry run of NS-VACC delegation presentation to DWV Council (Peter/Bart)

Peter and Bart gave a dry run of their 10-minute presentation which will they will give as a NS-VACC delegation presentation at the meeting of the District of West Vancouver Council scheduled for just after 7:00 p.m. on April 18 in the Council Chamber at 17th and Esquimalt Avenue. The presentation will refer to six slides which will be shown from our wiki site (see "Slides" under the Current events section). It was decided that Bart would present the 4th slide on short-term priorities.

  • Review of VACC AGM (John)

The AGM was well attended with Jay presiding as Chair (Arno S stepped down as VACC President) with approx. 60 members at the Braithwaite Community Centre, CNV. General business included reviews of the prior year's activities and successes by the Chairs of all regional VACC Committees present. Of note were the similarities in issues faced, particularly in dealing with municpalities and other authorities. Some initiatives could well be leveraged by other regions (e.g. paper on Social Sustainability from Burnaby). Other VACC programs were discussed with no resolutions to vote on. VACC intends to undertake a rebranding exercise with the pro bono assistance of a major international marketing/communications specialist firm. Education "Learn to Ride" continues to expand with cities such as Surrey contracting VACC to provide all schools with classes at specified grades. Finances are in good order despite a significant drop in income from the BC Government, primarily due to the increase in individual memberships. A motion to determine membership prices was passed with an amendment relating to corporate memberships. Of note, it is preferable to have increased revenues from memberships as this funding has no conditions attached, unlike much of the institutional support provide to VACC. Financial report was accepted by motion and vote. New Board of Directors (3) were elected and also a new President by acclamation as only one candidate was nominated. (refer to the VACC main website for details). Overall a worthwhile session.

  • Display table at the MEC North Vancouver store May 16-29 (Antje via email)
  • Proposed Group Ride for 6:30pm 28-April @ Village Bike Loop (Peter)

Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the west end of the Spirit Trail in West Vancouver (13th Street and Argyle Avenue). Peter Scholefield will lead a 7-km ride around the proposed Village Bike Loop (see map of the route at item 1.18 under Issues)

Hot Spots & Issues

  • Low Level Road progress update (Heather)

Submission made to the project principal and all other stakeholders & media. Forum attended and follow-up activity is underway. Review of meeting with CNV Mayor Darrell Mussatto. This was an informal discussion of the Low Level Road project and broader cycling issues. The Mayor was briefed on the VACC Low Level Road submission objectives and indicated the CNV has a stake as land is to be provided by the City to enable the road to be widenend. Much seems to have been determined about the best solution for all parties. VACC is invited to make a delegation to the next CNV Council meeting prior to a vote on the project. The Mayor believes much can be achieved with the VACC contributing as a strategic partner with constructive input on specific areas. Issues that result in public outcry are not generally seen as a positive way to move forward. Delegation is set for 6:45pm 18-April (Heather, Antje, John)

Other Business None Meeting Ended - 7:30 p.m. Next Meeting TBC