Meeting Summary: April 10, 2014

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  1. Attendance: Antje, Peter, Fiona, Tom, Dianne, Dennis, Don, Sue, Nelson, Erin, Sibylle, Sarah, Erika, Lesley, Trent
    • Guests: John Calimente, Transportation Planning Analyst, District of West Vancouver; Richard Campbell, VP VeloWorks Cycling Society and President of BC Cycling Coalition
  1. Announcements
    • HUB delegation to North Van District Council on June 9, to ask for AAA bike network plan (Antje)
    • Canada Bikes delegation to North Van City Council on May 12, for Bike Day in Canada (Fiona)
    • Cool North Shore theme for May: Reducing Your Footprint from Transportation: Commute by Bike. Cool Drinks Event May 27 - Jay will speak.
  2. West Vancouver updates (John Calimente)
    • Hwy 1 connection with 3rd St/Inglewood (hole in the fence)
      • hole in fence at 3rd and Inglewood will be reinstated by DWV and improved with noise baffles
      • we suggest design it primarily for cyclists proceeding to and from the bridge over the Capilano River
    • Safety improvements at Argyle/13th St
      • plan to deactivate the existing end of Spirit Trail and just past the kiosk, direct cyclists onto Argyle and pedestrians onto a raised crosswalk across Argyle to the sidewalk on the south side
      • bike box north of tracks for cyclists turning left onto Bellevue or at stop sign on Argyle for cyclists turning right onto 13th street? - we suggest both
    • Clyde/Keith area traffic calming
      • one-way traffic east on Keith Road from 13th to 12th Streets will be extended to 11th St. and westbound traffic on Keith will be directed south to Marine Drive or north to Fulton Ave.
      • sidewalk on the south side and sharrow lanes by Evelyn Drive development to be extended west on Keith to 13th Street
      • cyclists going west on Keith will be directed up the slip lane at 12th and onto Clyde Avenue, those going east on Keith can proceed from 13th and Marine Drive
      • we thought it important for a convenient pedestrian connection from the planned Keith Road sidewalk to Hollyburn School
      • a drawing showing a sidewalk and traffic configuration on Point Grey Road was shown as an example of what might be done on Clyde Ave. between 12th and 13th
    • Capilano Pacific Trail improvement
      • plan to improve dirt pathway for cyclists from the westbound bridge over the Capilano River south to the Spirit Trail is progressing
    • Spirit Trail West
      • phase 1 plan has been finalized to basically maintain the SeaView Walk as it is with no improvement on the stairway path at the east end for cyclists to connect to Cranley Drive
      • phase 2 will continue the trail from SeaView Walk behind the Gleneagles Community Centre and west to the traffic circle on Marine Drive just past Gleneagles School.
      • phase 3 plans are still under discussion with the currently favoured option to use Exit 0 from Marine Drive to the ferry terminal parking lot
      • we suggested the southbound access from the Horseshoe Bay passenger terminal to Exit 0 for cyclists should be through the middle of the parking lot where there is currently an access for traffic.
    • John would appreciate receiving any input concerning these plans and would like to know where in metro Vancouver there are bike paths right beside railway tracks
  3. Bollard design issues in City of North Van and West Van
    • deferred to the next meeting
  4. Park Royal Capilano River bridge/Spirit Trail (Peter)
    • Park Royal VP, Rick Amantea, said an engineering firm has proposed a cantilevered multi-purpose path on the south side of the War Dance bridge which could be completed later this summer
    • we will be shown the plans when they are completed
  5. Bike rodeo program (Tom/North Shore Safety Council)
    • will include a bicycle check, safety lesson and a short ride
    • the first one will be on 10 May at 22nd Street and Eastern Ave. in North Van
    • the second one will be on Sunday 25 May at the North Van City library plaza
    • Tom needs volunteers for these two event days and asks for our help
  6. Bike Day in Canada (Fiona)
    • Fiona plans to present plans for Bike Day in Canada (26 May) to North Van City council on 12 May
    • Bike Day in Canada was started by West Van, Sea to Sky MP, John Weston and is organized through the federal organization Canada Bikes where Fiona is a board director
    • Fiona will invite councillors to join in either of the two planned bike rides, one 2 km and the other 10 km
  7. North Shore committee library cycling info session (Fiona)
    • Fiona proposed May 26 (Bike Day in Canada) for our info session at the library in conjunction with the Safety Council's bike rodeo, but the bike rodeo has been moved to May 25
    • May 26 is start of BTWW and we should check when the BTWW stations are to avoid conflict
  8. Cycling Conference (Richard Campbell/VeloWorks Cycling Society)
    • a VeloWorks conference is being planned for mid September at the Pinnacle Hotel in North Vancouver
    • will be a regional conference involving about 150-200 participants from Washington, Oregon and BC
    • topics will include pedestrian as well as cycling issues (road, commuter and mountain biking)
    • potential for bike tourism will also be discussed
    • some experts from outside the region will be invited to participate
    • Richard would like a letter of support from HUB and is seeking the support of municipal councils
    • he will be presenting to North Van City council on 12 May
  9. HUB participation in 2014 North Shore community events (Erin)
    • List of upcoming event follows:
    • the MEC bikefest may not need our help but volunteers for the other events are needed
    • Mary Ellen or Erin will send out a request for volunteers on the Yahoo list serve
  10. Type of bike parking needed at Lonsdale Quay/SeaBus (Antje)
    • City of NV is planning to install bike racks at the SeaBus terminal and wants our input re secure racks - difficult to answer so suggestion is to proceed now to install more normal racks, secure racks where possible - bike locker boxes have limitations such as monthly rental only - racks are also needed at the Quay shops
  11. Ironworkers Memorial bridge construction issues (Antje)
    • deferred until the next meeting