Meeting Summary: Apr 12, 2018

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  • Introductions:Tony (chair), Tammy, Dave, Martyn, Don, Fiona, Ian (Cycling Without Age), Peter S, Fred, Erika,
    • Ian is from West Van and is working to get established a Cycling Without Age service (see: through the West Van Senior's Activity Centre.
    • As this is cycling based service using three wheeled rickshaws to take elderly people (typically from nursing homes) on outings, he thought that HUB would be supportive of this activity.
    • He has been in contact with Paul Stott who is an organizer of the Silver Wheels Cycling club at the West Van Senior's Activity Centre.
  • Presentation to HUB board meeting on 11 April -
    • Peter and Fred attended the meeting and each shared a 15-minute presentation on our activities to the board.
    • In response to a question about what HUB HQ could do for us, Fred mentioned Phibbs Exchange – we met with designers about two months ago to give them our input – they are going to redevelop the whole site to make more room for buses - there will be a bike connection up to Orwell but no good plan for east-west bike traffic.
  • Events: ( There is a HUB NS calendar which can be incorporated into a calendar program:
    • Earth day on 22 April noon to 3 at Eastview Park - Don has volunteers.
    • Bike to Shore Escape Adventures 6 May 11-2pm Location: Lynn Valley Village Square
      • Dave will promote bike skills with info from Tim Welsh at HUB HQ
      • North Shore Safety Council will be there.
      • Our Community Bikes ( be there. They are a collectively run community bike shop for D.I.Y. bicycle repair and affordable bike maintenance.
      • Dave is thinking of group rides like a Janes Walk event (, in Lynn Valley that day.
      • Tammy has a poster that she wants to distribute.
    • HUB- NS BTWW Plan - Tuesday May 29th 4-6 at IWMB – Dianne will be getting supplies for booth and Obsession Bikes will man a maintenance tent.
    • Coastal Health will have a station by the hospital
    • We will get permit for Tammy from Escape for a station on Grand Blvd on Green Necklace – we are doing the booth on the afternoon of Thursday - Lynn Valley bikes will be there.
    • an updated list of other BTWW celebration stations, including Lions Gate Bridge 4-6 pm on 28 May, can be found at:
  • Bike Day in Canada - maybe on 11 June on Monday and maybe at Waterfront Park – perhaps it could be coordinated with the opening of Mosquito Creek section of Spirit Trail - if so we should strike a committee.
  • Martyn would like to get Councillors from Vancouver city and north shore on a bike infrastructure ride using the Sea Bus.
  • Consider recommending to NS Councils changes to the Motor Vehicle Act -
    • It was agreed that we should send letters to the three municipality councils - Don will draft a letter.
  • Yahoo group – Erika will test the Google system before we consider switching – maybe a demonstration at next month's meeting.
  • Tony suggested that we consider rotating chairs - one for each municipality.
  • Letters:

District of North Vancouver

  • Highway 1/Lower Lynn Improvements Project
  • Dave will write a letter re: the accident.
  • 2018 repaving list – Don has it and put them on the maps about 12 segments - He will send out out the list and map again – the red sections are on cycle routes.
    • Background: March 2018 DNV provided a preliminary list of paving projects to Tony. He reviewed the list and compared them to the 2012 Bicycle Master Plan, BMP. All of the paving segments that are part of the BMP I have highlighted in red on the map ( The ones that are not are in grey. The orange lines are cycle routes that are currently have an ongoing review/comment program.
    • Proposal: We should gather comments on the segments listed below using our yahoo group, and discuss/approval a draft at our May meeting and then submit them with a request to see the plans for cycle improvements to be included as part of these repaving projects.
    • Paving segments in the 2012 Bicycle Master Plan:
      • 29th Street – DNV currently has a comment open on there website. We should continue to encourage people to contribute. Also HUB NS should submit an official letter with our recommendations.
      • Highlands Blvd – DNV currently has a pilot on this segment. HUB NS should submit an official letter with our recommendations.
      • Queens - DNV currently has a pilot on this segment. HUB NS should submit an official letter with our recommendations.
      • Mountain Hwy - 1250 Mtn Hwy to 14th St. Steep, narrow S turn on busy road. ask for protected bike lanes, to connect to new Mtn HWY overpass.
      • West 15th/Roosevelt St – 2 block segment Pemberton to McKay Creek(CNV), needs review, ask for protected bike lanes, to be extended later?
      • Spicer – 1 block on-road segment that connects 2 off-road segments, request protected bike lanes?
      • Arbourlynn Drive – short segment Hoskins to 20th, needs review, ask for protected bike lanes, to be extended later?
      • Philip – 1 block on residential street. Any improvements needed? Connection to the underpass?

District of West Vancouver

  • 752 Marine Drive (at Taylor way) development proposal
  • Wardance Bridge [note: now to be referred to as Welch St. Bridge to respect local First Nations] - it looks like they won't be able to widen the MUP planned for the south side of the bridge more than 3.5 m.
  • Horseshoe Bay Terminal Upgrades - Fred will attend 23 April workshop.

City of North Vancouver

  • 13th St E between Lonsdale and St. George's - south-side development and Bike Master Plan Implementation update
    • Adolfo showed drawings to Tony of buffered bike lanes with green paint in conflict zones.
  • Tony was at a recent Advisory Planning Commission meeting where he learned about an open house on 26 April re the proposed new Harry Jerome Recreation Centre.
    • the proposal includes separated bike lanes 1.8 m either side of 23rd Lonsdale to St Georges in addition to the Green Necklace.
  • Interaction with First Nations - it was agreed that we should try to establish a relationship with First Nations on the North Shore as some of the bike routes pass through their territory - Tony will try to establish a contact.