Meeting Agenda: September 8, 2016

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Minutes Review Events Planning

  • Review of past and planning for upcoming events
    • Coho Festival in West van on 11 September
    • Movies in the plaza
    • FraserFest
    • North Shore Art Crawl Rides (Antje 10 min)
    • BTWW October 2016 - where, when, who


  • CNV Update (10 min)
    • Spirit Trail tunnel- engineering plans are underway.
    • East Keith and Grand Boulevard - work underway
    • Delegation to Council on AAA bike lanes - planned for October 3.
  • DNV Update (10 min)
    • DNV Public Library bike racks- Tony met with Andrea Freeman of NVPL and the goal is to have a bike repair station with HUB support / TransLink bike rack guidelines. Goal is to secure funding and support them to build a community HUB at NVPL
    • Lynn Valley Road bike lanes - construction to start October
    • Highland Blvd repaving
    • M.Bond motion for a protected/connected DNV bike network. The public agenda available on Thursday the 8th and the motion is scheduled to come before council on Monday Sept 12th.
    • Nov 21 7pm HUB Delegation to Council
  • DWV Update
    • Update on 25 July council meeting which will discuss the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Plan which could impact the proposed route on Royal Avenue
    • 15 Street – Mathers Avenue to Queens Avenue;
    • 21 Street – Queens Avenue to Westhill Drive - request to MoTI?
    • Skilift Road – Westhill Drive to Folkestone Way.
    • Wardance Bridge
    • Marine Drive 25th-31st where cyclist was killed
    • 1000 block Keith Road incomplete
  • MOTI Update (Antje)
    • Lower Lynn Interchanges - our priorities for Lillooet and Dollarton Interchanges
  • HUB
    • HUB AGM September 17, 2016
    • Committee update topics
    • Free Advocacy for non-profits workshop run by Erin O'Mellin Monday 12th September as part of Pro Walk, Pro Bike, Pro Place
    • Bike the Night Friday, September 16th - seeking Volunteers
    • Vision0 30km/hr