Meeting Agenda: November 12, 2015

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The HUB North Shore Committee holds regular meetings at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on the second Thursday of every month. Everybody is welcome. The meetings are at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

  1. Introduction and Attendance (5 min)
  2. Minutes Review (5 min)
  3. Review of Upcoming Events List
  1. BTWW summary

We counted over 200 people. The off ramp is a good location. Thanks to Tony from John Henry and Nesters for sponsorship.

    • Thank you card for Nester's Grocery - committee to sign

Tony to bring. Antje to follow up with him.

  1. Cycling Expo on October 18, 2015 Lynn Valley Village summary (Fiona)

No people showed up. It was raining. Bike rack and only a couple of people tried it. Recommend to do it again year.

  1. Delegation presentation for District of North Van council meeting Oct 26 summary (Antje)

Ungap the Map - focus on the IWMB and lower Lynn area. Council is thinking about traffic management in that area. New Phibbs exchange, new town center, new highway interchanges.

    • Likely DNV Council Committee of the Whole meeting end of November

Lisa Muri asked to have a special committee of the whole meeting about cycling talking about the bike network and overlaps with Safe Routes Advocacy. Meeting date not set. AAA workshop. Nov ?

    • CNV ITC meeting in December - what would our group like to discuss?

  1. Municipality engagement strategies
    • CNV Update (Heather)
      • Green Necklace E Keith and Grand Blvd
      • Chesterfield
    • DNV Update
      • Lower Mountain Highway (Antje)

Mountain Hwy between Main street Keith Extension and Fern and will be painted bike lanes. Not wide enough to put in protected bike lanes.

      • E Keith at Mountain Highway Interchange (Antje)

ongoing - the bridge design was altered to put the bikelanes behind barriers. We have asked for more than a painted bike lane, but the District is putting in painted facilities.

      • Street width/sidewalk changes in Maplewood

Kevin mentioned that the old Dollarton portion of the new build, looked like it was going to be wide enough to accommodate bike lanes. But now Eastbound there is a new pinch point. Kevin to send a letter to Council.

      • New path on third - at Mission is a dangerous intersection.

How do we get from that path to 4th Street bike path. Signal phasing is very slow both ways - across third and across Forbes. Took pedestrian cross walks and added elephant feet.

      • Spirit Trail barrier at Welch/Pemberton

Matthew Bond, Martyn Schmoll and Cory met to discuss filming the barrier. Matthew will get council to ride through.People are trying to bypass it. Small sign before the barricade. Signage is also sharp and dangerous. Because nothing has changed and we have not heard about the monitoring results. Antje will draft a letter from HUB about this new hazard.

    • DWV Update

  1. MoTI update
    • Mountain Highway Interchange (Antje)

We know they will paint bike lanes. This will not be AAA. Once we see the plans publicly we need a campaign if the new plans do not include AAA facilities. Because this is the first of three, we need to be really strong on this one.

    • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge (Antje)

Met the project manager. Jay Porter. They have build the fences along the ramps. southeast corner on the bridge will be paved so that the curve is widened. North west corner no fence - because there is a shoulder and a fence is not required. We told them to build a fence the whole way.Fiona to write a letter as a private citizen. Big thank-you letter to the Ministry and to the North Shore News. Tony to send the letter out to the yahoo group. The fence on the bridge is the same as the design for the Stanley Park Causeway.

  1. Meeting with North Shore SRA, Safety Council and other interested parties (Martyn/Tom/Antje) Last week Tony and Antje went to a meeting about the district putting in education and infrastructure for cycling. Travelsmart, Heart and Stroke were also involved in the discussion about how to streamline communications.

The SRA have asked for a Traffic Demand Management position. Getting others involved like the Business Associations and ratepayers assocs. We should be at the council meeting when they make a decision on the TDM.

  1. HUB North Shore Christmas Party

Next meeting will be a short meeting and then we will go to Heather's house.

  1. Other business - Ungap the Map (Fiona) We should have a specific session for Ungap the Map. January meeting should focus on ungap the map.

  1. Next meeting is planned for December 10

December Items

  1. Update group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail (Peter 10 min)
  2. Moreno Zanotto from

CNV: City of North Vancouver

DNV: District of North Vancouver

DWV: District of West Vancouver

MoTI: Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure